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Tips on hosting a Let's Talk group
  1. Choose either the book or the film to discuss.

  2. Decide on a date and a place to meet.

  3. Invite a few friends and neighbors to your gathering. Ask them either to read the book or come view the film with you.

  4. Get the book or the film. When we introduce our selections in the magazine and on the Web, we'll offer tips on how to find both.

  5. If you like, you and your invitees can prepare for the meeting by looking over information about the selections on this Web site.

  6. If you plan to show the film, make sure your VCR or DVD player is working.

  7. Plan refreshments.

  8. When the time comes, use Sierra's questions (book or film), or make up your own. Make sure everyone gets a chance to speak.

  9. Let Sierra know how it went! Either fill out the form here or write to us at We'll post the best of the comments, edited for length and clarity.

  10. Every two months, look for new Let's Talk selections in Sierra magazine or at

For simple guidelines on leading a discussion, go to and click on "host central."

If you buy a book and want to "release it into the wild" after you've finished it, check out

For a Web site that will help you find people in your community who are interested in joining your group, try