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Sierra Magazine

Sierra's July/August 2004 Let's Talk book selection:
"Smokestacks, Impacts, and Talkbacks: Open dialogues about Bush administration policies, air pollution, and what we can do about it"
An online discussion guide

Smokestacks, Impacts, and Talkbacks: Open dialogues about Bush administration policies, air pollution, and what we can do about it What it's about
This booklet provides an easy, sociable way to learn about air-pollution issues. With it you can hold a lively, informed discussion with the friends and neighbors in your Let's Talk group. You'll ask yourselves: How many people do you know who have breathing problems, and how has it affected their lives? How are kids and adults in communities across America harmed by polluted air? What is the Bush administration doing about these problems? How could today's technologies--along with enforcement of clean-air laws--clear America's air? The basic facts are all in the booklet. You bring the personal experiences. Who knows how the world would change if people all over the country had this fundamental conversation?

Where to get it
You can get the booklet free here.

About the authors
"Smokestacks, Impacts, and Talkbacks" was prepared by Sierra Club staff and volunteers, including Greg Casini, Lisa Renstrom, Steve Baru, Cal French, Kim Anderson, Steve Welter, and Rafael Reyes.

Discussion questions

Discussion questions are in the booklet itself, along with interesting facts about:

  • how air pollution is affecting children and adults in communities across America.
  • how Bush administration policies are allowing major industries to keep on polluting—without installing up-to-date pollution controls.
  • how today's technology, along with real enforcement of clean-air laws, could put America back on track to healthy air.

To learn more about the Sierra Club's clean-air program, click here.

Take action
Urge the Bush administration to protect our families from harmful mercury emissions.

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