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Sierra Magazine

Sierra's September/October 2004
Let's Talk film selection

Oil On Ice

A documentary film produced and directed by Dale Djerassi and Bo Boudart

Discussion questions
  • Have you ever been to the Arctic? How would you describe it?
  • If you haven't been there, what are your impressions from the film?
  • Is this the kind of place you would like to see someday?
  • Oil on Ice introduces us to several fascinating people. Who interested you most? What did he or she say or do that was memorable?
  • The film makes a strong case that we should not be drilling for oil in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. Do you agree? Which are the filmmakers' strongest arguments?
  • What do you think of the argument about preserving the Porcupine caribou herd?
  • Why do you think this isolated 19-million-acre spot has been such a topic of national conversation?
  • Why did this film, which is ostensibly about Alaska, contain footage of a traffic jam in New Jersey?
  • How are people in the Lower 48 connected to the Gwich'in people?
  • Do you think the United States should try to reduce its reliance on foreign oil supplies?
  • If so, should oil in wild areas like the Arctic Refuge be a part of that?
  • More fuel-efficient cars would help reduce both America's fuel consumption and the need for oil drilling in places like the Arctic Refuge. What should our government do about that? What should automakers do? Ordinary citizens?
  • How could you reduce energy consumption in your home? In your town?
  • This film offers both information and inspiration. Did you feel there was about the right mix of facts and photographs, rational argument and emotional appeal? If not, how would you have made the film stronger?

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