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Download the discussion guide here. (274kb PDF file, 15 pages)

Let's Talk!The best way to use the Discussion Guide for Smokestacks, Impacts and Talkbacks is to gather a group of 8-12 friends, provide each person with a copy of the discussion guide, and then break your gathering into even smaller groups as you get started with the discussion.

Small discussion groups of four are ideal, five is o.k. If you have six, ask them to form two groups of three.

There are two reasons for these recommendations: First, in small groups, more people get a chance to talk. And second, people speak differently when there are only 2-3 others listening; the conversation feels much more personal, and not like speaking in front of a group.

Start the discussion by asking everyone to take a few minutes to review the questions and readings for "Dialogue #1." When most people are finished reading (you don't have to wait for everyone to finish every word) they should start discussing their responses to the questions with their small group. After 10 minutes or so of conversation, ask each group to turn their attention back to the whole group and share some of what they discussed with everyone else. Then repeat this format for Dialogues #2 and #3.

We think you'll find that going back and forth between small groups and the whole makes for a very rich discussion.

The "Your Thoughts" section of the guide gives people a chance to talk one-on-one about what they will take away from the discussion. The final page gives everyone a chance to think about how they can help spread the word.

So, let's talk!