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Stop Sprawl
Fall 2000 Sprawl Report: Acknowledgements

This report is the Sierra Club’s third annual report on sprawl. Last year’s report was entitled “Solving Sprawl:The Sierra Club Rates the States.” To read previous reports or for more information on our Challenge to Sprawl Campaign, please visit our Web site at:

This project was made possible through the hard work of many Sierra Club volunteers and staff, including:

Challenge to Sprawl Campaign Committee
Sandy Bahr
Larry Bohlen (co-chair)
Tim Frank (co-chair)
Ben Hitchings
John Holtzclaw
Brett Hulsey
Deron Lovaas
Bill Myers

Project Coordinator
Deron Lovaas

Director, Environmental Quality Program
Ed Hopkins

Regional Field Advisor
Brett Hulsey

Lead Editor
Nick Cain

Stephanie Vance, Nick Cain, Deron Lovaas

Copy Editor
Jenny Coyle

Research Assistants
Dirk Manskopf, George Sorvalis, Joanne Tait, Nithin Akuthota, Diana Movius

Communication Consultant
Kim Haddow

John Byrne Barry, Johanna Congleton, Kim Todd

Web Design
Lucy Bassett
Mike Papciak
Lisa Reiser

Field Research and Editorial Assistance
Deb Alper, Christie Appelhanz, Edward Archuleta, Sandy Bahr, David Beach (of EcoCity Cleveland), Rita Beving, Bonnie Bick, Jim Blomquist, Barbara Boyle, Glen Brand, Catherine Butcher, Elisa Campbell, Jennifer Cannon, Jane Clark, Rebecca Cochran, Beth Connor, Marc Conte, Sarah Craven, Jack Darin, John Deacon, Jennifer De Garmo, Lisa Dekker, Lucienne DeNaie, Adam Diamond, Roger Diedrich, Scott Elkins, Alan Farago, Dan Farough, Mike Faupel, Megan Fowler, Frank Fox, Elisa Freeling, Larry Freilich, Oscar H. Gerald, Jr., Becky Gillette, Bryan Hager, Jeannine Hale, Debbie Heaton, Marc Heileson, Jack Hession, Jessica Hodge, Kathryn Hohmann, Dell Isham, Jennifer Johnson, Julie Jones, Mary Kiesau, Sarah Kite, Kimberly Kowalski, Scott Larson, Robin Mann, Evan Manvel (of the 1000 Friends of Oregon), Jay McCaffrey, Alisa Meggett, Jeff Mikulina, Lillian Miller, John Nelson, Joy Oakes, Rob Parsons, Danilo Pelletiere, Christine Phillips, Lynne Plambeck, Rob Parolek, Claralyn Price-Bollinger, Judy Reid, Elizabeth Reuter, Chris Rueggeberg, Francisco Sanchez, Wayde Schafer, David Schneider, Jim Sconyers, Louis Sigel, Roger Singer, Rob Smith, John Stouffer, Asma Syed, Jennifer Taylor, Lea Terhune, Jeff Tittel, Gail Twelves, Pat Wass, Joe Watts (of Scenic Alabama), Angee White, Tim White, Richard Whiteford, Peggy Wilhelm, Marcia Wilkins, Alex Winter, Maura Wood

Experts we consulted include:
Steven Bodzin, Congress for New Urbanism
Don Chen, Surface Transportation Policy Project
Thomas Jones, Department of Housing and Urban Development Jason Jordan,
American Planning Association
Jutka Terris, Natural Resources Defense Council

Cover photography by Photodisc, Inc.
Our thanks to all who contributed to this report.

This report has been funded by a grant from The Sierra Club Foundation.

2000 Sierra Club

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