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Stop Sprawl
Fall 2000 Sprawl Report

States at a Glance: Ohio

Urban Oasis Will Brighten Downtown
Deerfield Mall/Cincinnati Center
Mall Creates More Sprawl

Urban Oasis Will Brighten Downtown

The EcoVillage project is still in the conceptual phase, but it's already a great idea. Intended to be an environmentally friendly village within the city of Cleveland, this project, if successful, could be a powerful model for communities across the country.

One of EcoVillage's most innovative aspects is its commitment to creating an urban oasis. Plans call for creating parks with trails and bike routes, restoring environmentally degraded urban habitats and enhancing open space. Residents, as well as wildlife in the area, are sure to enjoy the tree-lined streets and plentiful green space.

By locating housing next to an existing light-rail station, the developers will be able to provide location-efficient mortgages, giving homebuyers credit for reduced transportation costs. Residents will have access via walking, biking or public transportation to shops, markets and other resources within the neighborhood. Many of the developments will also use passive solar energy for heating and cooling.

Deerfield Mall/Cincinnati Center
Mall Creates More Sprawl

In southwest Ohio, near Cincinnati, six mall projects have been proposed, are under development or will be opening in the near future. Given this, it's hard to single out just one as an example of poor planning. But the Deerfield Mall, also known as Cincinnati Center, is a good place to start. Slated to be built at one of the most congested intersections in the region, this 80-acre development threatens air, water and quality of life in the area.

To accommodate the extra traffic that this auto-dependent development will inevitably create, developers are proposing to widen portions of I-71 and nearby Mason-Montgomery Road. When other nearby development, like the proposed Deerfield Town Center, is taken into account, the traffic and air pollution will only get worse.

In addition to concerns about air quality, residents of nearby Mason may have to worry about their water as well. Sprawling development in the area is already depleting their drinking water aquifer. Developments such as the Deerfield Mall will only make this worse.

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