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Stop Sprawl

Choosing.gif (2395 bytes)Since ancient times, the most attractive living environments have been cities and towns which had parks, residences and commerce mixed together.


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laur190.jpg (14604 bytes) In 1986, Laura moved to the city. She meets neighbors at the corner market, on the sidewalk, and at the park down the street. She sees great films at the nearby theater and attends the symphony and museums. She meets her friends at one of the 700 restaurants within walking distance. Her neighborhood is diverse and exciting. park200.jpg (43079 bytes)






con1.gif (1329 bytes)

mrkt240.jpg (20954 bytes)With a food market -- even a farmer's market, the hardware store, and a video rental all around the corner, she walks almost everywhere. Walking is her everyday exercise. TRAM240.jpg (36741 bytes)





Using buses, trains, and bike routes, she gets everywhere else she needs to go. She got rid of her car, her car payments and repairs, and stress.

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Urban living conserves the earth's resources -- energy, materials, land, habitat -- and reduces pollution and global warming. Urban development saves taxpayers money by using already existing water, sewage, energy and road infrastructure. The Sierra Club and Urban Ecology advocate for compact, mixed-use, transit- and pedestrian-oriented development.

Five families live in this two-acre area. Markets and restaurants are isolated in distant shopping centers -- jobs are even farther away.
draw.gif (15715 bytes)

Two acres can also house 50 families in roomy, private apartments around a common play space. There are markets and offices in the buildings facing the street. People can walk to parks, restaurants and jobs.

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