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Stop Sprawl
Healthy Growth Calculator

Sprawl vs Your Choice
Sprawl -- 3 Households per residential acre   Your Choice: 3 households per acre, sprawl. Click to choose another density. choose density or place
62   62
Pounds of Volatile Organic Compounds per Household per year
155   155
Pounds of Nitrogen Oxide per Household per year
274   274
Pounds of Particulates per Household each year
16.5   16.5
Tons of Greenhouse Gases per Household each year

Air Pollution. Cars and trucks are the number one hazardous air polluter, according to the EPA. Cancer-causing and asthma-inducing pollutants include Volatile Organic Compounds, Nitrogen Oxides and Particulates, and CO2, the major greenhouse gas. Air pollution rains out as water pollution. Increasing vehicle miles travelled increases pollution.

Source of Calculations
Calculations are based on:
0.053 lb VOC per gallon
0.13 lb NOx per gallon
28 lb CO2 per gallon and
0.012 lb PM10 per mile (primarily reentrained road dust).

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