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Stop Sprawl
Sprawl Costs Us All


The first "Sprawl Costs Us All" report was written in 1996 by Brett Hulsey and the Sierra Club Midwest Office. Chapters and field offices in Arizona, Colorado, the District of Columbia, Maryland, New Mexico, Tennessee, the Midwest and Virginia have since also written sprawl reports.

We wish to thank all of the chapters and activists who wrote these reports -- without their work, this report would not be possible.

Thanks also to Miriam Axel-Lute (National Housing Institute), Kendra Briechle (International City-County Management Association), Denny Johnson (American Planning Association), Greg LeRoy (Good Jobs First) and Fritz Plous (citizen activist) for their research assistance. Thanks also to the American Farmland Trust and Robert Burchell for their work on the costs of sprawl.

This report was overseen by the Challenge to Sprawl Committee:
Glen Besa
Larry Bohlen (co-chair)
Scott Elkins
Tim Frank (co-chair)
Ben Hitchings
John Holtzclaw
Judy Kunofsky
Bill Myers
Joy Oakes

Director, Environmental Program
Kathryn Hohmann

Campaign Coordinator
Brett Hulsey

Project Coordinator
Deron Lovaas

Writer and Editor
Nicholas L. Cain

Research Assistant
Anne Hauck

Senior Editors
Kim Haddow
Daniel Silverman

Field Research and Editorial Assistance
Sandy Bahr, John Byrne Barry, Glen Brand, Rebecca Cochran, Jenny Coyle, Marc Conte, Jennifer De Garmo, Frank Fox, Renee Guillory, Marc Heileson, Mary Kiesau, Robin Mann, Mike Paparian, Francisco Sanchez, Jim Sconyers, Jeff Tittle, Bill Wolfe

Cynthia Sumner

2000 Sprawl Report Online
Lucy Bassett
Mike Papciak
Lisa Reiser

This report funded by a grant from The Sierra Club Foundation.
2000 Sierra Club

Sprawl Costs Us All is a registered service mark of the Sierra Club, and can be used by giving the Sierra Club attribution.

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