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Stop Sprawl
Solving Sprawl: 1999 Sierra Club Sprawl Report


This report is the Sierra Club's second annual report on sprawl. Last year's report was entitled "The Dark Side of the American Dream: The Costs and Consequences of Suburban Sprawl." To read the previous report or for more information on our Challenge to Sprawl Campaign, please visit our website at For general inquiries about our sprawl campaign, call the Sierra Club at 415.977.5653 or 202.547.1141. For media inquiries, contact Daniel Silverman, Media Relations Director, at 415.977.5508.

This project was made possible through the hard work of many Sierra Club volunteers and staff, including

Judy Anderson
Glen Besa
Larry Bohlen
Scott Elkins
Tim Frank
Bryan Hager
Ben Hitchings
John Holtzclaw
Judy Kunofsky
Bill Meyers

Project Coordinator
Deron Lovaas

Director, Environmental Quality Program
Kathryn Hohmann

Region Field Advisors
Brett Hulsey
Joy Oakes

Nick Cain
Kim Haddow
Daniel Silverman

John Byrne Barry

1999 Sprawl Report Online
Lisa Reiser and Mike Papciak

Dirk Manskopf
Sara Wood

Experts we consulted include:
Miriam Axel-Lute, National Housing Institute; Constance Beaumont, National Trust for Historic Preservation; Laura Beavers, National Priorities Project; Kathy Blaha, The Trust for Public Land; Mary Brooks, Housing Trust Fund Project of the Center for Community Change; Don Chen, Surface Transportation Policy Project; Jennifer Dempsey, American Farmland Trust; Larry Larson, Association of State Floodplain Managers; Jeff Soule, American Planning Association; and Mariia Zimmerman, Federal Transit Administration.

Though we wish to express our thanks to all who have contributed, this report represents the views of the Sierra Club. All mistakes are, of course, our own.

This report has been funded by a grant from the Sierra Club Foundation.

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