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Stop Sprawl
Anti-Sprawl Campaigns

Location Issue focus Contact
AZ (Phoenix) Sprawl Rob Smith, 602-254-9330
CA (Bay Area) Sprawl John Holtzclaw, 415-977-5534
CA, L.A. Sprawl Elizabeth Lambe, 213-387-6528
CA, Riverside Sprawl Terry Wold, 909-684-6203
DC Sprawl Melanie Mayock, 703-312-0533, x110
Neha Bhatt, 703-312-0533, x108
FL Sprawl Beth Connor, 717-824-8813
GA Sprawl/Water/Wildlands Bryan Hager, 404-607-1262, x226
HI Sprawl/Wildlands Lucienne de Naie, 808-572-8331
LA Sprawl Maura Wood, 225-755-6852
MI Sprawl Alison Horton, 517-484-2372
MN Sprawl Scott Elkins, 651-644-3278
MO Sprawl/Water Claralyn Price-Bollinger, 314-909-0890
NV Wildlands/Sprawl/Water Deanna White, 702-732-7750
NC Sprawl Tancred Miller, 919-833-8367
OH Sprawl Glen Brand, 513-861-4001
RI Sprawl/Water Alicia Karpick, 401-521-4734
SC Sprawl Virginia Sanders, 803-256-8487
TX Sprawl Francisco Sanchez, (713) 528-5959
UT Wildlands/Sprawl Marc Heileson, 801-467-9294
VA Sprawl Pat DeZern, 804-225-9113
WA Sprawl John Rosapepe, 206-378-0114, ext. 305.
WI (Dane County) The tax cost of sprawl Brett Hulsey, 608-257-4994

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