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Stop Sprawl
Challenge to Sprawl Toolkit

The objective of our national Challenge to Sprawl Campaign is to provide materials, winning campaign strategies, training and funding to better equip Club volunteers and staff to change sprawling suburban development patterns faced by their communities.

Challenge to Sprawl activists are making use of high-profile approaches which are easy to reproduce in areas across the country: These include grading public officials on sprawl-related votes, crafting local "Sprawl Costs Us All" reports which document the economic costs of sprawl, and conducting "Tours de Sprawl" as a way of gaining the attention of decision makers and local media. Below you will find fact sheets on:

The "Sprawl Costs Us All" sticker highlights a theme which tested well in focus groups in the Midwest. Stickers may be ordered by emailing or by calling 202-547-1141. They are available in rolls of 1000 for $30 or rolls of 500 for $20. They are great when you are trying to create a sea of easily identifiable activists at a hearing or other public event.We hope that you find these materials useful and we welcome your feedback for ways to improve them.

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