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Stop Sprawl

Welcome to our searchable planners database.

The designers, modelers, and analysts listed here can help you:

  • fight highway development,
  • develop pedestrian-, bicycle- and transit-oriented neighborhood designs,
  • develop transportation-land use plans, from small scale projects to whole regions, and
  • develop transportation control measures (TCM).

They are grouped in three broad categories:

  • those who can help design pedestrian/bicycle/transit-friendly neighborhoods;
  • those who can help expose transportation plans based upon the myth that more highway capacity is the solution;
  • and those who can provide legal help.

Some of these planners will help individuals or non-profits on the cheap. The person recommending each planner is shown in (parentheses.) This list was compiled by John Holtzclaw and is not necessarily comprehensive. Please contact him with additions or corrections.

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