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Stop Sprawl

Anti-Sprawl campaign in Hayward, California

Hayward has an urban limit line that can only be changed by the voters. The undeveloped hills in the city, about 2,000 acres, are called Walpert Ridge. Hayward has saved about 80 percent of this area in open space, leading in the future to significant expansion of Garin Park and a significant extension of the Bay Ridge Trail. Hayward's limit line also protect shorelands west of the tracks. However, a vote may occur in November which could allow development of two parcels, Oliver West and Weber. Hayward environmentalists are planning to fight the ballot initiative and to seek funding from the state and especially the Wildlife Conservation Board to buy the parcels, adding them to the 800 plus acre Baumberg tract recently acquired.

Hayward is revitalizing its downtown with significant dense townhouses, but is also building parking structures and increase parking, contradicting what was supposed to be a pedestrian and transit oriented area.

Contact person: Sherman Lewis,; 510-538-3692 voice /-3693 fax, 2787 Hillcrest Ave., Hayward CA 94542.

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