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Stop Sprawl
Colorado Responsible Growth Initiative

The Responsible Growth Initiative promotes a bottom-up, local control approach to fighting sprawl by giving voters control over the new growth occurring in their communities.

A Summary of the Responsible Growth Initiative

  • Voters Will Approve Growth. Growth plans, drawn up by city planners and county commissions, will direct growth only into areas where it can be managed responsibly, and only after citizens have approved those plans.

  • Voters Will Have Full Knowledge of Growth Impacts Before Voting. Before submitting new Growth Area Maps to the voters, cities and counties must describe to voters the projected impacts of new development, including costs, its effect on schools, open space, traffic, air quality, affordable housing, and water supplies.

  • Regional Cooperation, Instead of Competition, Will be the Rule. Counties and cities must consult with each other when drawing their growth area maps, and may not conflict with or overlap their neighbors' growth areas.

And Three Reasons Why Colorado Should Pass It This Fall

  • Uncontrolled growth is the number one issue facing Colorado, and the state legislature and governor have not faced up to it by passing meaningful legislation. So the citizens will have to exercise their rights and pass the Responsible Growth Initiative.

  • Colorado cities, especially on the Front Range, are in danger of becoming one huge, L.A.-like super-metropolis, with choking traffic, dangerous smog levels, and open space gone forever. This is not the vision Coloradans have for the state they will leave to their children.

  • Developers and their politician friends have had control over how Colorado has grown for too long, and the process is out of control. It is time to trust the people's vote.

For more information, contact the Sierra Club Rocky Mountain Chapter at (303) 861-8819, Initiative co-author Bill Myer at tel. (303) 935-6810, fax (303) 935-6922, email, or visit the web site of Coloradans for Responsible Growth.

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