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Projects in the Balance

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Mother Lode (NE California):

CA, OR, WA - oppose US 395 from Canada to Mexico. Inland Northwest ALT-TRANS: 509-8385803. Julian Powers:

Redwood Chapter (NW California)

Mendocino County - oppose Willets HW 101 Bypass. Joanna Burkhardt: 707-459-9220.

Sonoma County - oppose Hw 101 widening. Sierra Club Sonoma Group 707-544-7651.

Solano & Contra Costa Cos - oppose Martinez Bridge Expansion. Chuck Siegel (SFBay): 510-848-7827.

Marin County - oppose Highway 101 Gap Closure. David Schonbrunn (Marin Advocates for Transit): 415-383-9321/383-0776; San Francisco Bay Chapter

San Francisco - SUPPORT Caltrain to rebuilt Transbay Transit Station. John Holtzclaw: 415-977-5534, ,

Alameda Co - oppose SR238 Foothill Freeway, Hayward Bypass. Sherman Lewis: 510-538-3692,

Loma Prieta chapter (southern SF Bay Area)

Tehipite Chapter (Modesto-Merced)

Yosemite National Park - oppose widening and straightening the El Portal Road. Joyce M Eden:,

Monterey County - oppose Hatton Canyon Freeway, Hwy 1. Neil Agron: 408-624-3038.

San Luis Obispo Co - oppose Cuesta Grade Widening Project. Craig Anderson: 805-541-8838,

Santa Barbara Co - oppose Hwy 1 Widening. Phil Schilling: 805-969-1264. Los Padres chapter

Fresno - oppose Urban Freeway 168. Rose Rowe: 209-224-2240.

Kern County - oppose extending I-40 to I-5. Dennis Bainbridge: 805-589-0404. Arthur Unger: 805 323 5569, Kern-Kaweah (southern central valley)

Ventana Chapter (Monterey)

Santa Lucia Chapter (San Luis Obispo)

Los Angeles Co - oppose 710 extension. Jeff Jones:, Angeles chapter

San Gorgonio Chapter (N of San Diego)

San Diego Co - oppose SR 125 Tollway South. Marianne Greene: 619-294-8258. John Hammond: Allison Rolfe: Chapter


Aurora - oppose E470 extension. Roger Wendell, Western Jefferson County to Adams County - oppose Northwest beltway W-470. Bill Kossack: Ed Talbot: Bill Myer:

West of Denver - oppose Guanella Pass Road at Mt. Evans Wilderness. Lyn Yarroll:

Arvada - oppose West 72nd Avenue Extension. Bill Myer:;



District of Columbia:


Seminole Co - oppose Chuluota By Pass. Randy Morris: 407-321-1130 ext 7250, Susan Kariys-Courech: 407-365-7479,

Hillsborough, Pasco and Hernando Cos - The Suncoast Parkway 1. Beth Connor: 727-824-8813


Atlanta - oppose Outer Loop or Outer Perimeter. Campaign for a Prosperous Georgia: 404-659-5675, 404-659-5676, Bryan Hager: 770-537-9480.




Oppose I-69 through southern Indiana. Bill Hayden:

Allen Co IN, Paulding Co OH, Defiance Co OH. US 24 (Fort Wayne to Toledo). Cynthia,


Lake Co. - Rt. 53, aka FAP342.

The I-355 Tollway: Threatening A Region's Quality of Life

Sierra Club is working with local citizens and and other environmental groups, led by the Environmental Law and Policy Center, to promote alternatives to the proposed I-355 Tollway Extensions from Bolingbrook to Peotone. The proposed I-355 Tollway cuts through a region of small towns, homes in wooded settings, forest preserves, and prime farmland. The character of the region will change forever if the tollway is built. I-355 will draw population to the area, generating more traffic on local roads, runaway development, and sprawl.

Government officials are allowing existing roads and bridges in the area to languish in disrepair. Yet the Illinois Toll Authority wants to spend $750 million for the first 12.5 miles of I-355. That's $60 million a mile! For the price of the tollway local communities could build 117 elementary schools, 233 libraries, or 200 new parks. In addition, all proposed local road projects in Will County could be completed six times over.

Abundant open space, fine schools, and a family-friendly environment attract residents to southern Cook and Will Counties. Now these very same qualities are threatened by the proposed I-355 tollway. Here's what the tollway means for the region:

  • Higher local property taxes: The population growth caused by I-355 will increase the need for costly, taxpayer-financed services such as schools, local road maintenance and police and fire protection. Growth won't pay its own way.
  • Bigger traffic jams: New tollways like I-355 draw population to the region and increase traffic on local roads. More people mean more cars, more headaches and longer commutes.
  • Loss of forest preserves, open space and farmland: If I-355 is built, Keepataw Forest Preserve will be partially bulldozed and thousands of acres of wetlands, open space and farmland will be destroyed forever.





Baton Rouge - oppose Louisiana / Baton Rouge Bypass. Maura Wood: 504-755-6852, Chapter



Boston - oppose Logan Airport runway expansion. Blossom Hoag,  Communities Against Runway Expansion (CARE)


Montgomery Co - oppose Montrose Parkway near I270. Marta Vogel:

Montgomery Co - oppose the InterCounty Connector (ICC). Jim Clarke: 301-340-8994.


North Star

MN/WI border - oppose St. Croix Bridge. Ginny Yingling: 612-379-3853, Peter Bachman: 651-223-5969, Jennifer Hunt: 612-333-5424, Nelson: 651- 735-8008. Ralph DeGennaro: 202-546-8500.

Minneapolis - oppose MN Hwy. 55 Re-route. Jill Walker Boogren: 612-722- 2391, Lee Barthel: 612-872-7516. Linda Brown: 612-576-9686,

Duluth to Winnipeg - oppose Manitoba highway.






New Hampshire

Oppose Manchester Airport Access Road Project. Aline Lotter: (603) 668-5166, Coservation Law Foundation: 603-225-3060.

New Jersey

New Mexico

Oppose Paseo del Norte Extension. Walter Matuska:

Oppose State Road 126 through Jemez Mountains. Walter Matuska:

New York

North Carolina

North Dakota


Cincinnati - oppose Red Bank Road Connector. Jeff Smith: 513-631-7970;

Cincinnati - oppose Eastgate Parkway. Jeff Smith: 513-631-7970;

Cleveland to Columbus - opposse I-71 Widening. Cynthia Sibrel: 614-461-0734,

Columbus - oppose Spring/Sandusky Interchange. Cynthia Sibrel: 614-461-0734,

Oppose I-73/I-74 across the state. Cynthia Sibrel: 614-461-0734,



CA, OR, WA - oppose US 395 from Canada to Mexico. Inland Northwest ALT-TRANS: 509-8385803. Julian Powers:


Rhode Island

SUPPORT Warwick Intermodal train station. Barry Schiller:

SUPPORT RI Bicycle network. Barry Schiller:

OPPOSE Quonset Access Freeway. Alicia Karpick:

South Carolina

South Dakota


Nashville - oppose Highway 840. Joe

Corridor J (SR451) in Cookeville.


Austin - SUPPORT Texas light rail system. Dick Kallerman: 512-444-1326,

Austin-San Antonio - SUPPORT Texas commuter rail. Dick Kallerman: 512- 444- 1326,

Austin - oppose State Highway 130. Dick Kallerman: 512- 444- 1326,


Salt Lake City - oppose Legacy Highway. Marc Heileson:


Chittenden County - oppose Circumferential Highway. Lea Terhune: 802 651-0169, . Brian Dunkiel: 802 862-3791, . Peter Duval: 802 899-1132, Bret Chenkin: 802 442-9330,

Bennington, Rutland and Burlington - SUPPORT freight and commuter rail.

Virginia Chapter

Oppose Route 28 from Manassas to Route 29. Harold Dutton: 540-788-4333,

Charlottesville - oppose Route 29 Western Bypass. George Larie: 804-971-5714 Milton Moore: 804-979-2848,

Roanoke to WV State Line - oppose Interstate 73. Mark Petersen: Ann Rogers: Jerryanne Bier:540-365-2230.


CA, OR, WA - oppose US 395 from Canada to Mexico. Inland Northwest ALT-TRANS: 509-8385803. Julian Powers:

West Virginia

Oppose Appalachian Corridor H Highway. Chuck Merritt: 304-478-4922, or 304-637-4082.


Wisconsin Lake Shore - SUPPORT commuter rail line from Milwaukee, WI to Kenosha and Chicago. Jay Warner:, 414-639-0918.

Madison to Sauk City - oppose Hwy 12 widening. Ben Manski: 608-251-7020.



Prarie (W Canada):

British Columbia:

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