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About the John Muir Exhibit



Last updated: 17 November 2022


The goal of the John Muir Exhibit is to be the Internet's premier collection of materials on the life and legacy of John Muir.

How You Can Help

We welcome your suggestions, contributions, pointers to related links, and information about broken links. In particular, we seek help in researching and obtaining Muir's writings, and related resources including photos, music, and artwork. Please let us know if you can help in any of these efforts - no HTML experience necessary!

Where permissions can be obtained, we strive to include relevant articles and information about John Muir written by Muir scholars and enthusiasts.

Please send suggestions, comments, and corrections about the Web server or pointers to Muir-related resources on the Internet to:

Harold Wood, Volunteer Webmaster
e-mail :

Our Projects

The John Muir Exhibit is sponsored by the Sierra Club John Muir Education Team. The Exhibit also supports several of the Project's endeavours:

History of the Exhibit

The Exhibit went on-line on the World Wide Web in June of 1994, before the Internet went commercial, and is still growing. When we started, information about John Muir was nearly non-existent on the Internet. Our goal in starting the Exhibit was to remedy this situation. At the end of April 1996, the Exhibit moved from its original home, the University of California's Information Center for the Environment , to our current, host, the Sierra Club.

We have been honored over the years by being given several awards.


Please direct comments and questions to:


The John Muir Exhibit is made possible by the dedication of many volunteers, and recently, staff of the Sierra Club.

Harold Wood ( has served as the Content Editor of the Exhibit since its inception in 1994 and has been its Webmaster since April, 1997. He is the founder and chair of the John Muir Education Team. is also served for many years as the chair for the Club's LeConte Memorial Lodge (now the Yosemite Conservation Heritage Center) Committee. He is an independent Muir scholar, a volunteer for the Club's Colby Library hosting this site, but does not officially represent the Sierra Club in any capacity. Outside of the Sierra Club, he also hosts a portal for John Muir on the Internet, the John Muir Global Network , the Facebook Group for John Muir Fans. He also hosts a hobbyists website of John Muir First Day Covers which updates the Muir postage stamp and covers information on this site.

Harvey Chinn, former and founding Web Master for the UC Davis Information Center for the Environment, originated the concept of a John Muir Exhibit in June, 1994. Mr. Chinn created all the original HTML formatting of the website, and maintained the Exhibit until April, 1997. We gratefully acknowledge the major contribution that he has made to the establishment and growth of the John Muir Exhibit for its first three years.

Dan Anderson has provided most of the scanning and HTML for all of the online editions of John Muir's books that we provide. He has also been instrumental in providing other special features for the Exhibit, including the Boyhood of John Muir feature.

David Blackburn, for many years the Chief Interpreter for the John Muir National Historic Site, has provided updated information on the John Muir National Historic Site and the newsletters of the John Muir Memorial Association.

Ronald H. Limbaugh, retired Professor of California History, University of the Pacific, Stokton, CA and former Director of its John Muir Center for Regional Studies, has been very helpful in providing consulting advice on historical issues, and has provided content from the Center's John Muir Newsletter.

William S. Swagerty, University of the Pacific, is the Director of the university's John Muir Center and is instrumental in connecting John Muir scholars with the John Muir symposia held every few years at the University of tghe Paciific.

Michael Wurtz, Head of Special Collections of the University of the Pacific, home of the John Muir Papers has provided numerous advice and assistance over the years.

Ron Eber, a free-lance writer on the conservation history of the Pacific Northwest, has provided valuable information about the relation of Muir to the Pacific Northwest on our pages on People Important to Muir, Places Important to Muir, and the detailed Chronology of the Life and Legacy of John Muir.

Mike Papciak, for some years the webmaster for the Sierra Club, for design ideas and maintenance assistance. We also thank assistant webmasters Will Easton and Adrian Cotter for their scripting support to enable individual pages to open with the navigation bar when accessed from search engines. Recently, Adam Kapp has been working with Mike on a re-design of the John Muir Exhibit.

Larry Coats, a member of Virtual University HTML II Class in Winter, 1999, for assistance in style sheets and redesign of frames and navigation bar.

Alma Nygren, a member of the Virtual University HTML II class in Winter, 1999, for making the USA-Canada Image Map and World Image Map for the Important Places to John Muir, as well as the new image map for the Geography Cards for the John Muir Day Study Guide.

Krista Kennell, a Sierra Club volunteer and a professional photographer, for contributing her wonderful photographs of the John Muir National Historic Site taken in the spring of 2001.

Ellen Auchter, owner of Thieme Design, a professional website development company, for donating a much improved design for the People Important to John Muir feature, and for transferring over forty individuals to separate pages using the new design.

Andrew Sly, working with Project Gutenberg, who corrected numerous text errors in the orignal scan of The Yosemite, and provided a corrected plain text and HTML version which was posted July 21, 2003.

Mike Collier, System Administrator, and the late Charlie Oriez, of the Information Technology Committee of the Sierra Club's Rocky Mountain Chapter, who contributed to the design and back-end operation of our online form which at one time alllowed you to submit your name as someone influenced by John Muir. Special thanks to Mike for re-programming the "back-end" to prevent spammers from mis-using this form. [This form has been discontnued.]

Dan Styer, who undetrtook the task of accurately identifying the precise source for most of the quotes on our John Muir Quotations page. Dan, a physicist at Oberlin College, is also interested in retracting Muir's footsteps, see his website on John Muir Studies.

Many others have provided valuable contributions to the John Muir Exhibit, by allowing re-publication of their writings about John Muir, sending names for places, providing background information on Muir and Muir-related topics, and providing photographs and artwork. These contributors are credited throughout the John Muir Exhibit.

Notices about the John Muir Exhibit

Content Rating

All materials contained on the John Muir Exhibit are judged to be suitable for users of all ages.

However, the Exhibit cannot be held responsible for the materials we point to which are located on other servers. We have no control over the content of those servers.

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