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John Muir Newsletter

Published by:
The John Muir Center for Environmental Studies
University of the Pacific

Back Issues of John Muir Newsletter are available in PDF format from the the John Muir Center. As of this writing, this includes issues from 1997 - 2012, which are also linked to below with each issue's Table of Contents. For current issues, subscribe to the John Muir Newsletter.

Fall/Winter 2011-2012

An Essay on John Muir's Phenomenal Science by Bonnie Johanna Gisel
50th California History Institute to focus on"Women as History-Makers of California
John Muir Class Visits - "A Walk in the Wild" and the John Muir House

Spring/Summer 2011

Crossing the Panama Isthmus, March 1868 by Stephanie LeMenager
Exploring John Muir's Legacy through Photography and Film
The Oakland Museum of California presents A Walk in the Wild: Continuing John Mui'’s Journey - August 6, 2011- Januar 12, 2012
Muir's Yosemite Earthquake By Michael Wurtz
Portions of Wm. T. Hornaday Library added to Holt-Atherton Special Collections By W.R. Swagerty
Obituary - Daisy Hawryluk By Graham White


Winter, 2010/2011

John Muir's Crossing of the Cumberland by Dan Styer
John Muir Newsletter is Back and Going Digital (subscribe now by emailing
From Mount Hoffman by Terry Gifford
John Muir Event at Pacific, April 13, 2011
Online Inventory of Muir Papers Is Updated by Michael Wurtz
John Muir: Naturalist and Scientist Symposium held at Pacfic, April 23-24, 2010
John Muir Highway Dedication (June 5, 2010)
News & Notes
     Nature's Beloved Son Exhibit Opening
     New Juan Bautista/ De Anza NHT Exhibit at John Muir National Historic Site!
     Michael Branch writes High Country News blog essays
     Yosemite Conservancy and the 35th Annual Fall Gathering

Fall, 2009

Muir Center has a New Home & New Staff
John Muir Newsletter has a new look!
Rambles of a Botanist Among the Plants and Climates of California by John Muir (reprint from Old and New v.5, n. 6, June, 1872, pp. 767-772)
Muir-Hanna Family Honored with Pacific Alumni Outstanding Family Award
John Muir's Stickeen of Martinez by Michael Wurtz
John Muir Correspondence Now Online
President Eibeck Visits John Muir Center

Vol. 18, No. 2, Spring 2008

Reflection's on Muir's 1868 Walk from Oakland to Gilroy: A Study in Literature and Environment by Howard Cooley
News & Notes
     News from Restore Hetch Hetchy -
          Thanks to our Founder Ron Good! by Spreck Rosekrans
          Greetings from Mike Marshall - New Executive Director
Bade and Wolfe Deciphered Much of Muir's Handwriting by Michael Wurtz
David Muir by Diane Stegmeir

Vol. 17, No. 1, Winter 2006/2007

Two California Lions: John Muir & Luther Burbank by Roberta M. McDow
News & Notes:
     Muir Center Director Swagerty Follows Muir's Footsteps "Down Under"
John Muir Disrupts a Seance by Michael Wurtz
John Muir Center to host symposium on John Sutter & His World, Spring 2008

Vol. 16, No. 4, Fall, 2006

John Muir's World Tour (Part iV) [Egypt, Ceylon & Australia]
News & Notes:
     Funds for Study of Restoring Hetch Hetchy Valley Face Long Adds by Michael Doyle (The Mercury News)
New Book About John Muir: A Wanderer All My Days: Johhn Muir in New England by J. Parker Huber
The Tramp's Web Site is Vamped by Michael Wurtz
Book Review: The Story of My Boyood and Youth by John Muir, Introduction by David A.Anderson, Edingburgh: Berlinn Ltd., 2006, Introduction Reviewd by Richard F. Fleck

Vol. 16, No. 2 & 3, Spring/Summer 2006 (Double Issue)

John Muir's World Tour (Part III) [Vladivostock to Suez]
News & Notes:
     Naturalist Guided Yosemite Visitors [Steve Medley eulogy]
     John Muir Inducted in California Hall of Fame (article from John Muir Exhibit)
     Minor Planet Named for Pioneer California Conservationist (article from John Muir Exhibit)
     State Agrees that Hetch Hetchy Valley Restoration is Feasible (Restore Hetch Hetchy press release)
     Former Secretary of the Interior Donald Hodel Joins Advisory Panel to Restore Hetch Hetchy (PDF)
Muir Visited the Calaveras Groves Twice by Michael Wurtz
Museum Collections at John Muir National Historic Site
Giant Sequoia Wins Court Protection
Book Review: Reconnecting with John Muir: Essays in Post-Pastoral Practice by Terry Gifford, Reviewed by Michael P. Branch
Book Review: Reading the Trail: Exploring the Literature and Natural History of the California Crest by Corey Lee Lewis, Reviewed by Cole Gelrod
LeConte Lodge Colloquy: A Conversation on Beauty and Environmentalism September 15, 16, 2006 by W. Swagerty

Vol. 16, No. 1, Winter 2005/2006

Radical Transcendentalism: Emerson, Muir and the Experience of Nature by James Brannon
News & Notes:
     2006 Birthday/Earth Day - Big Success!
     Summer 2006 Summer Programs at LeConte Memorial Lodge
Big Brother Obliges His Siblings by Trish Richards
John Muir in Global Perspective Conference Held at Pacific
New John Muir Book: Reconnecting with John Muir: Essays in Post-Pastoral Practice by Terry Gifford
Book Review: Don't Fence Me In: Poems of the American West by Richard F. Fleck,
      (Baltimore, Publish America Press, 2005) Reviewed by Corey Lewis

Vol. 15., No. 4, Fall, 2005

John Muir's World Tour - Part II
News & Notes:
     Birthday/Earth Day 2006 at John Muir National Historic Site
     John Muir Mountain Day Camp
Connected to John Muir by Michael Wurtz
Re-Walking John Muir's 1868 Trip to Yosemite by Peter and Donna Thomas
Conference Preliminary Program and Registration


Vol. 15, No 3, Summer, 2005

Download PDF (7.8 MB) (Off-site link)

John Muir's World Tour - Part I
News & Notes:
     Conference Announcement: John Muir in Global Perspective
     Muir Impersonators to Appear at UOP
     New Study Reveals that Yosemite's Hetch Hetchy Valley can be restored and water and power supplies can be replaced at a reasonable cost
Shirley Sargent "Saw the Forest for the Trees" by Michael Wurtz
New Book: John Muir: Family, Friends and Adventures, edited by Sally M. Miller & Daryl Morrison


Vol. 15, No. 2, Spring, 2005

Download PDF (18.4 MB ) (Off-site link)

A Wealth of Muir on Wealth by Michael Wurtz
Conference Announcement: John Muir in Global Perspective March 31-April 1, 2006
Book Review: The Battle over Hetch Hetchy America's Most Controversial Dam and the Birth of Modern Environmentalism by Robert Righter, Submitted by Ron Good
Mountain Days - August 3-7, 2005
Unpublished Letters of John Muir Go Online

Vol. 15, No. 1, Winter 2004/2005

Download PDF (2 MB) (Off-site link)

Black Sheep of the Sierra: John Muir's Motivations for the Creation of Yosemite National Park by Jenny Krone
News & Notes:
       California State Quarter: Muir Event at University of the Pacific Campus
       Clan Currie Society Celebrates "The Life and Legacy of John Muir" on Ellis Island
       John Muir's Birthday Celebration Also Celebrates Earth Day
       Mountain Days
One "Minute Mystery:" Investigation John Muir's Temperature Notation by Michael Wurtz
Book Review: Breaking through the Clouds by Richard Fleck, Reviewed by Terry Gifford

Vol. 14. No. 4, Fall, 2004

Download PDF (2 MB) (Off-site link)

John Muir's Connection with the Creation of Grand Canyon National Park, Preface by W. R. Swagerty
The Grand Canyon of the Colorado by John Muir (From Century Magazine, November 1902, 107-116
News & Notes:
     California State Quarter - Muir Event on University of the Pacific Campus
     Paradise Regained? New Study Shows Hetch Hetchy Can Be Restored
Dear John Letters Reveal Expectations
John Muir Class Visits Martinez and Yosemite
Sandwood Bay, Sutherland by Terry Gifford

Vol. 14, No. 2 & 3, Spring/Summer, 2004

Download PDF (2.7 MB) (Off-site link)

The Dim Dark Sea of the North Woods: John Muir's Exploits in into the Pacific Northwest by Shane M. Hetzler
News & Notes:
     John Muir in Indianapolis
     Holt Atherton's Jean Ford Retires
     A California Sojourner Returns
Sacramento Bee Publishes Series on Hetch Hetchy
     John Muir House Hosted Muir's Ranch Days Event
     Voice of the Mountains: the Legacy of John Muir
     Shakespearian Actor Impersonates Muir at Pacific
New Books John Muir Would Like to Read

Vol. 14, No. 1, Winter, 2003/2004

Download PDF (1.7 MB) (Off-site link)

John Muir and Civilization by Corrine Wong
News & Notes:
     Science Lesson Plans Inspired by Legendary Naturalist John Muir Now Available
     Proposed "Rent" Increase for San Francisco's Use of Hetch Hetchy Valley
Announcing New California Quarter
Book Review: The Unreliable Mushrooms: New and Selected Poems by Terry Gifford, Reviewed by Corey Lewis

Vol. 13, No. 4, Fall, 2003

Download PDF (2.7 MB) (Off-site link)

John Muir and his Reading Interests by Ronald Limbaugh
Restore Hetch Hetchy Produces New Documentary Film by Ron Good
John Muir-Yosemite Quarter Coin Concept by Harold Wood
Still Journeying by Michael P. Branch (poem and photo)
James Eastman Shone Collection Of Muiriana

Vol. 13, No. 3, Summer, 2003

Download PDF (1.5 MB) (Off-site link)

The Tramps (of John Muir and Charles Lummis) by Edmund Herlihy
Muir Center to Host 55th California History Institute
Opening of John Muir Birthplace Visitor Center
News from hetch Hetchy
Announcing Two New Books:
 Calaveras Gold: The Impact of Mining on a Mother Lode County by Ronald H. Limbaugh
 The Joy of Climbing by Terry Gifford
Books John Muir Would Like to Read

Vol. 13, No. 2, Spring, 2003

Download PDF (1.5 MB) (Off-site link)

John Muir at Big Basin: Some Unrecognized Chronology in the Early Preservation of California's Coastal Redwoods by Howard R. Cooley
John Muir in the News
John Muir Musical to Be Performed Again This Summer
Unspoiled Cuban Environment Soon to Be Threatened
Sally Miller Announces Her Departure from John Muir Center
A Book to Interest Muir, and the Rest of Us: Sting Trees and Wait-a-Whiles: Confessions of a Rainforest Biologist by William Laurance
Update on Location of Eagle Rock by Gerald F. Wierczorek
Book Review by Bonnie Gisel: God's Wilds: John Muir's Vision of Nature by Dennis Williams

Vol. 13, No. 1, Winter, 2002-2003

Download PDF (1.5 MB ) (Off-site link)

"Go to the Mountains!: Helen Hunt Jackson by Bonnie Johanna Gisel
Actor who Plays environmental pioneer takes role as politician [Lee Stetson]
Meeting John Muir by Dennis Williams
New Books John Muir Would Like to Read
Letters to the Editor

Vol. 12, No. 4, Fall, 2002

Download PDF (1.5 MB) (Off-site link)

John Muir and the Civil War by Millie Stanley
John Muir Birthplace Update
The Sierra Institute Spring 2003 Schedule
John Muir's Aunt Mary, Part 2 by Roberta M. McDow
John Muir: Mountaineering Writer by Terry Gifford
New Books John Muir Would Want to Read

Vol. 12, No. 3, Summer, 2002

Download PDF (1.5 MB) (off-site link)

John Muir's Aunt Mary, Part 2 by Roberta M. McDow
John Muir's Art Collection Set for Saint Mary's College Exhibit
John Muir in the Central Valley: An Ecological Perspective by Howard R. Cooley
Book Reviews by Bruce A. Richardson:
 Yellowstone: the Creation and Selling of an American Landscape, 1870-1903 by Chris Mogoc
 Preserving Yellowstone's Natural Conditions: Science and the Perception of Nature by James A. Pritchard
Two Mini Reviews: Kindred and Related spirits: the Letters of John Muir and Jeanne Carr, edited by Bonnie Johanna Gisel; John Muir's Last Journey: South to the Amazon and East to Africa, edited by Michael P. Branch.

Vol. 12, No. 2, Spring, 2002

Download PDF (2 MB) (Off-site link)

Nature's Temple: John Muir's Spiritual Home by The Rev. Chris Highland
News & Notes
The Evolution of John Muir: Scientist and Mystic by Mikel Vause, Ph.D.
Book Reviews: John Muir: Naturalist in Southern California by Ruth E. Sutter; and The Red-Cockaded Woodpecker: Surviving in a Fire-Maintained Ecosystem by Lee Christianson.

Vol. 12, No. 1 , Winter, 2002

Download PDF (1.5 MB) (Off-site link)

John Muir's Travels to South America and Africa - [Part Two] - by Michael P. Branch
Muir Birthplace Trust Replies to Its Critics
On a Muir Descendant
Muir at Hazel Green by Howard R. Cooley
My Connection with Environmental Studies by W.R. Swagerty
Book Review by Terry Gifford:
 The Mountains of My Life by Walter Bonatti
John Muir's Telephone Number by Harold Wood
Recent Books John Muir Would Have Enjoyed

Vol. 11, No. 3 & 4, Fall, 2001 (double issue)

Download PDF (1.5 MB) (Off-site link)

John Muir's Travels to South America and Africa - [Part One] by Michael P. Branch
News & Notes: Muir Dunbar BIrthplace Threatened; William R. Swagerty new director of John Muir Center for Regional Studies; Editor's Note (error correction); Ethics, Places and Environment (new journal); Mamie [sic] Kimes [about Muir author who used pen-name "Maymie," birth name was "Mayme."]; "I climb to Live" by Stan Zude [poem].
Buddhism and 'Subversive Science' by David P. Barash
Recent Books John Muir Would Have Enjoyed (18 books identified and described)
Homeward Bound by Chad Miller
John Muir: Family and Friends by Bonnie Johanna Gisel [Conference Report]

Vol. 11, No. 2, Fall, 2001

Download PDF (1 MB) (Off-site link)

"That Florida Flavor": Nature and Culture in Zora Neale Houston's work for the Federal Writers' Project by Valerie Levy
News & Notes: Montara Meditation by Terry Gifford, Sierra Institute Courses for Summer/Fall 2001,
A Quiet Way by J. Parker Huber
A Sojourn in Nature Culture by Bonnie Johanna Gisel
Book Review: John Muir: An Environmental Biography by Steven J. Holmes, Reviewed by Ronald Eber

Vol. 11, No. 1, Winter 2001

Download PDF (1 MB) (Off-site link)

Was John Muir a Woodsman? by Jason Meijia
Final Yosemite Plan Announced
Lee Stetson
John Muir Family and Friends [announcement]
New Books That John Muir Would Want To Read [10 books listed and described]
Book Review: John Muir: Nature's Visionary by Gretel Ehrlich, Reviewed by B.J. Gisel
Book Review: Kindred and Related Spirits: The Letters of John Muir and Jeanne C. Carr by Bonnie Johanna Gisel, Reviewed by J. Parker Huber

Vol. 10, No. 4, Fall, 2000

Download PDF (1 MB) (Off-site link)

A Sense of the Natural by Richard Fleck
News & Notes: Bonnie Gisel appointed as Interim Director; Sierra Institute Courses; Mountain Days: The John Muir Musical; John Muir Pops Up in the Most Unexpected Places
Muir as Ecologist: A Note by Howard R. Cooley
Restore Hetch Hetchy! by Ron Good
John Muir: Family & Friends Conference announcement
Book Reviews: Thoreau's Country: Journey through a Transformed Landscape by David R. Foster, Reviewed by J. Parker Huber; Thinking OUt Loud Through the American West by Pete Sinclair, Reviewed by Terry Gifford

Vol. 10, No. 3, Summer, 2000

Download PDF (1 MB) (Off-site link)

Reconstruction of John Muir's First Public Lecture, Sacramento, 1876 by Steve Pauly
News & Notes: My Introduction to John Muir and HIs Papers by Ron Limbaugh
Book Reviews: Our National Parks and the Search for Sustainability by Bob R. O'Brien, Reviewed by Jim Hefferman; True Gardens of the Gods: California-Australian Environmental Reforms 1860-1930 by Ian Tyrell, Reviewed by Lionel Frost

Vol. 10, No. 2, Spring, 2000

Download PDF (1 MB) (Off-site link)

John Muir: American Transcendentalist by L. Mikel Vause
News & Notes: John Muir on Stage!; A New Muir Book (On the Trail of John Muir by Cherry Good); Yosemite Theater Presents New Lee Stetson Show "The Tramp and the Roughrider"; Siberian Plea for the Sequoias; Field Seminar Schedules
Book Reviews: On the Trail of John Muir by Cherry Good, Reviewed by Terry Gifford; The American West as Living Space by Wallace Stegner, Reviewed by Anne Loftis

Vol. 10, No. 1, Winter, 2000

Download PDF (1 MB) (Off-site link)

Some Writings and words of John Muir Compared with Writings of Henry David Thoreau by Stan Hutchinson
News & Notes: John Muir Tribute CD; California History Institute Conference Announcement: "Religion and Education in California History"; John Muir in Historical Perspective edited by Sally M. Miller still available.
Book Reviews: Environmental Ethics: Duties to and Values In the Natural World by Holmes Rolston III, Reviewed by Steven C. Anderson; Alaska Days with John Muir by S. Hall Young, Reviewed by Sharlene P. Nelson.
[Note: The scanned online version of this issue mistakenly includes a book review by John Muir" Nature's Visionary by Gretel Ehrlich; Reviewed by B.J. Gisel; and Kindred and Related Spirits: The Letters of John Muir and Jeanne C. Carr by Bonnie Johanna Gisel, Reviewed by J. Parker Huber which did not appear until Vol. 11, No. 1, Winter, 2000-2001.]
Books John Muir Would Want to Read (8 books described)

Vol. 9, No. 4, Fall, 1999

Download PDF (1 MB) (Off-site link)

John Muir's Struggle in the North: Travels in Alaska and the Cruise of the Corwin by Hal Crimmel
News & Notes: Edinburgh John Muir Exhibition Just Concluded; Winnipeg Conference Coming Up; Announcements: publication of John Muir in Historical Perspective edited by Sally M. Miller.
On John Muir's My First Summer in the Sierra by Stan Hutchinson
Book Reviews: Fiber by Rick Bass, reviewed by Terry Gifford; the Geologic Story of Yosemite National Park: A Comprehensive Geologic View of the Natural Processes That Have Created and Are Still Creating the Stunning Terrain We Know as Yosemite by N. King Huber, Reviewed by Jack G. Chamberlain

Vol. 9, No. 3, Summer, 1999

Download PDF (1 MB) (Off-site link)

Reconstructing John Muir's First Public Lecture, Sacramento, 1876 by Steve Pauly (Part 3)
News & Notes: Historic Demonstration in Yosemite; Sierra Club Lawsuit Challenges Construction in Yosemite Wild and Scenic River Canyon; Muir Exhibition for Edinburgh Festival July 31-October 2, 1999
Book Reviews: Sacred Summits: John Muir's Greatest Climbs Introduced and edited by Graham White, Reviewed by Richard F. Fleck; The Wilderness World of John Muir Edited by Edwin Way Teale, Reviewed by Millie Stanley; The Yosemite by John Muir, Reviewed by Lawrence C. Merriam, Jr.

Vol. 9, No. 2, Spring, 1999

Download PDF (1 MB) (Off-site link)

Reconstructing John Muir's First Public Lecture, Sacramento, 1876 by Steve Pauly (Part 2)
News & Notes: Recent Paper on Muir in Switzerland; Scholarly Pursuits (Research by John R. Knott); Muir Birthplace Trust Celebrates Emigration Sesquicentennial
Robert Underwood Johnson: John Muir's Ally by Michael P. Branch
Reflections on Loren Eiseley by Ruth E. Sutter
Recent Muir Publications

Vol. 9, No. 1, Winter 1998-1999

Download PDF (1 MB) (Off-site link)

The Importance of John Muir's First Public Lecture, Sacramento, 1876 by Steve Pauly
News & Notes: Scotland's Muir Renaissance Continues; CHI '99 Registration Packets in the Mail
Book Review: John Muir: the Wilderness Journeys, Introduced by Graham White, Reviewed by Richard F. Fleck
Canada's Proposed Muir Nature Center by Daryl Morrison

Vol. 8, No. 4, Fall 1998

Download PDF (1 MB) (Off-site link)

The Muir Renaissance in Scotland by Graham White
News Notes: History Institute Calls For Spring Conference Participation; An Infinite Storm of Beauty;
Book Reviews: The Tainted Desert: Environmental and Social ruin in the American West by Valerie Kuletz, Reviewed by Duane A. Smith; A Word for Nature: Four Pioneering Environmental Advocates, 1845-1913 by Robert L. Dorman, Reviewed by Ron Limbaugh.
Muir's Canadian Friends Expand Activities by Scott Cameron
A New Study that Would Cheer John Muir: Rain Forest Can Regain Diversity After Logging
The Gods Played Here by Karen LaMantia-Ashikeh (book received notice)
Environmental Learning at Santa Cruz

Vol. 8, No. 3, Summer, 1998

John Muir on Mount Ritter: A New Wilderness Aesthetic by Philip G. Terrie
News Notes: A Half-Century of the California History Institute, and Beyond; Another Muir Anthology Soon Available from the John Muir Center; Publication Notes; BBC Scotland Developing Muir Series.
A Letter to John Muir by Bob Engberg

Vol. 8, No. 2, Spring, 1998

Download PDF (1 MB) (Off-site link)

Yosemite's Poets: John Muir's Influence On the Career of Ansel Adams by Joshua Greenfield
News Notes: North American Interdisciplinary Conference on Environment and Community by Marilyn Norton; Field Seminar Schedules for 1998
Review: Review of New John Muir-Inspired Music [Range of Light by Sasha Matson], by George Buckbee

Vol. 8, No. 1, Winter, 1998

Download PDF (1 MB) (Off-site link)

Writing or Living? John Muir's Writerly Identity and Ambivalence by Randall Roorda
News Notes: Sierra Institute Seminars, Upcoming publication of John Muir in Historical Perspective, California Sesquicentennial Conference, California Historical Society events, environmental reports from the Center for California Studies at Sacramento State, California American Studies Association Conference
Book Reviews: The Greening of Faith: God, the Environment, and the Good Life edited by John E. Carroll, Paul Brockelman, and Mary Westfall, reviewed by Dennis Williams; Where Land is Mostly Sky by Richard Fleck, reviewed by Harlan Hague; Walking with John Muir Across Yosemite by Thomas r. and Geraldine R. Vale, reviewed by Don Weiss

Vol. 7, No. 4, Fall, 1997

Download PDF (1 MB) (Off-site link)

Intimacies of a New England Trip: John Muir's 1898 Excursion by J. Parker Huber
News Notes: Books from the John Muir Center; John Muir Education Discussion Mailing List; Backpacking for Academic Credit
Was John Muir a Deep Ecologist? by Mandy Davis

Vol. 7, No. 3, Summer, 1997

Download PDF (1 MB) (Off-site link)

What Does Love Have To do With It: Christian Propriety and Kindred Redemption by Bonnie Johanna Gisel
News Notes: Call For Papers: Third International History and 50th California History Institute Conference; Book Notes: Where Land is Mostly Sky by Richard Fleck, John Muir: Nature Writings selected by William Cronon; A Related Event (Envisioning California Conference)
Book Review: The Pacific Raincoast: Environment and Culture in an American Eden, 1778-1900 by Robert Bunting, Reviewed by Ron Eber
John Muir and the Bidwells: the Forgotten Friendship (Concluded) by MIchael J. Gillis

Vol. 7, No. 2, Spring, 1997

Download PDF (1 MB) (Off-site link)

An Episode in Yosemite: To Love is Painful by Frank E. Buske
News Notes: John Muir Center Publication Program; Scholarly News and Inquiries; Learning While Backpacking; Annual Institute Approaches Milestone
A Muir Publishing Bonanza (British anthologies of Muir's writings)

For highlights from earlier issues, see our John Muir Newsletter Features

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