Helen Muir

Helen Muir, National Park Service photo - -
  • The youngest of John Muir's two daughters. Married Buel A Funk in October 1909, and had four sons: Muir, Stanley, John, and Walter. After Funk died (1934) Helen and three of her sons changed their name from Funk to Muir in 1940. One son, Muir Funk, did not because his first name was Muir.
  • One of her sons, Walter, who died in 2004, told an interviewer that he had every book written by his famous grandfather and many written about him by other authors. He told the interviewer, "The more I study him and the things he did, the more amazed I am. He had the most incredible way of describing things, in words I wouldn't even think of."
  • Baby photo with sister Wanda - State Historical Society of Wisconsin (offsite link).
Photo of Helen Muir Funk courtesy of John Muir National Historic Site, JOMU 4287

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