Other People named John Muir - Not our Naturalist
There are several people around the world, yesterday and today, who share the name John Muir with the well-known naturalist-conservationist (1838-1914).
Among some of these people are:
  • John Muir, author of Original Sanscrit Texts and the Origin ahd History of the People of India, Their Religion and Institutions (Delhi, Oritental, 1972. Originally published 1868-1873, London: Trubner.
  • John Muir of Sooke, British Columbia - first permanent European settler in the village of Sooke, where there is a John Muir School named after him.
  • John Muir, author of the self-published How to Keep Your Volkswagen Alive. Now in its 15th edition with sales over 2 million copies, it led to establishing a publishing company that has long outgrown self publishing status. John Muir Publications produces scores of books on travel, automotive, parenting, and how-to subjects.
  • Frederic John Muir, author of Heretics’ Faith: Vocabulary for Religious Liberals and minister at the Unitarian Universalist Church of Annapolis, Maryland.s
  • John Muir of Wall Street - see the book John Muir of Wall Street: A Story of Thrift by O. Muiriel Fuller, (New York: Knickerbocker Press, 1927).
  • John Muir of Muir Anchoring Systems, Australia - Founder of a marine engineering business in Hobart, Australia, in 1968.
  • John Muir - contemporary New Zealand singer/guitarist
  • John Muir of Maryhill, Scotland, (1879-1931). Scottish engineer and socialist campaigner and member of House of Commons.
  • John Muir, co-owner and co-host of Hidden Creek Ranch, a Guest Ranch located near Harrison, Idaho, with a philosophy "to share our love for horseback riding and the great outdoors in an unspoiled environment surrounded by the beauty of nature."
  • John Muir, Chairman and founder of the Muir Group, Scotland, consisting of the following companies: ncludes the following companies: Hermiston Securities, Muir Construction, Muir Leisure, Muir Property Investments, and Muir Timber Systems.
  • John "Jack" Muir Laws - contemporary naturalist, author, illustrator, and educator.
  • John Kenneth Muir, of North Carolina, author of at least 18 books, mostly about television and film, especially the sci-fi/horror genre.
  • Justice John Muir - member of the Queensland, Australia court system, appointed April 3, 1997.
  • Jon Muir, Director of a film, "Alone Across Australia," which recounts his 2001 odyssey crossing Australia on foot, from the coast of South Australia to the north coast of Queensland. Taking 128 days and traveling 2,500 kilometers later, Jon was the first person to walk solo and unassisted across the continent of Australia. His only equipment was two trekking poles and a homemade cart, containing a few essentials, which he pulled behind him. The bulk of his food came from what he could hunt or gather along the way. He has also climbed Mt. Everest, and walked to the South Pole and the North Pole.

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