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[photo] John Muir circa 1893

Photograph from the U.S. National Park Service
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[photo] Muir sitting at his desk

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[photo of John Muir circa 1893] Muir circa 1893

Russ Finley took the slide from which this picture was scanned. It is slide #1 from his set JM-1, which is copyrighted, provided here by permission.
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[photo of John Muir in 1872] Muir in 1872 while visiting in San Francisco

Bancroft Library Collection.
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[photo of John Muir in 1890] Muir in 1890 at the age of 52

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[photo of John Muir with Theodore Roosevelt] A stereograph of Muir and Theodore Roosevelt in Yosemite taken from Glacier Point during their 1903 camping trip.

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[photo of John Muir at Mirror Lake] A photograph of Muir at Mirror Lake in Yosemite

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Larger version - 300 kilobytes Photo from Library of Congress. See especially, The Evolution of the Conservation Movement, 1850-1920

[photo of John Muir Among the Pines
John Muir Among the Pines

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John Muir seated in Yosemite, Photo by Francis M. Fritz (1907)
John Muir seated in Yosemite - Photo taken by Professor Francis M. Fritz in 1907.
Photo from University of California Bancroft Library which houses the Sierra Club archives. ID #JM 33. Bancroft Library Photo Duplication Services Unit

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John Burroughs with John Muir
John Burroughs (left) with John Muir (right)

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John Muir in the Big Arroyo  Camp, Kern Canyon, 1908, Photo by Walter l. Huber John Muir in the Big Arroyo Camp, Kern Canyon, 1908
Photo by Walter L. Huber
Source: Sierra Club Bulletin, Vol. X, Plate CXXXII.

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John Muir, photo by Edward Hughes, Copyright 1902

John Muir. Photo by Edward Hughes. Copyright 1902.
Photo from Library of Congress. Location: Biographical File
Reproduction Number: LC-USZ62-53148

Also Available: Full-size image: 72 dpi, 115x x 1486, 224 kb)

Copyright and Other Restrictions Which Apply to Publication and Other Forms of Distribution of Images: Sources for Information from the Library of Congress.

John Muir  and President Theodore Roosevelt on horseback, Yosemite 1903

John Muir and President Theodore Roosevelt on Horseback, Yosemite 1903
Photo from Yosemite National Park Research Library.

John Muir  and William Kent at Muir Woods Inn, circa 1909, photo from National Park Service Collection

John Muir and and William Kent at Muir Woods Inn, circa 1909.
Photo from National Park Service Collection.

Read more about William Kent.

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Other Photos:

Muir talking to a group at lower end of Tuolumne Meadows. Photograph by W. L. Huber, July 18, 1909 - from California Faces: Selections from the Bancroft Library Portrait Collection. Muir is shown holding a bread bag, as he so often wrote about, while everyone else in this photo is wearing a backpack.

Muir Portrait by Herbert W. Gleason October 1913.

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