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Erigeron muirii: Muir's Fleabane

Erigeron muirii sketch by John Muir

Sketch by John Muir

This daisy-like plant was named by Harvard botanist Asa Gray. Gray classified this species from a sample sent to him from Alaska by John Muir. Muir discovered the plant near Cape Thompson in northwestern Alaska.

Scientific Name: Erigeron muirii
Common Name: Muir's Fleabane
Family: Asteraceae
Order: Asterales
Habitat: Dry, south-facing fellfields, bluffs, terraces, alluvial fans, gravels and sandstone outcrops. Usually in sparsely vegetated communities.
Taxonomic Comments: A distinctive Beringian species, endemic to northern Alaska. caespitosus Nuttall, E. yperboreus E.L. Greene and E. grand (Murray, 1980)

Erigeron muirii photo

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