Tribute to John Muir

by Betsy Keithcart

"Tribute to John Muir" is one of twelve songs written and performed by Betsy Keithcart on her Mother O' Pearl Audio Cassette. Inspired by the enthusiasm of her elementary science students, her strong sense of family, and her appreciation of the natural world, Betsy presents these songs on tape for the first time. Mother O'Pearl releases songs with harmonious and environmenal messages Betsy has written with students, family, and friends.

Just try to keep up with the infectious sing-along, "The Twelve Days of Science." Or explore the pbysics of sound while you relax to the resonant harmonics of the guitar in "Mother O'Pearl" and pentatonic harmonies on the troubadour harp in the "Tribute to John Muir."

Also available: Mother O' Pearl Songbook Written by Betsy Keithcart as a companion piece to the audio cassette, this songbook offers not only the lyrics to the songs, but also insight into the stories behind the songs. Who is Pearl? Read the Songbook and find out! The tape and songbook combined may be used as a teaching tool to foster creativity in educational settings as well as inspiration for young musicians and their families who wish to include music with postive messages in their lives.

The song, "Tribute to John Muir" can be found on Betsy Keithcart's cassette tape album Mother O' Pearl (1996), and a Mother O' Pearl Songbook .

About Betsy Keithcart

Betsy Keithcart is a science teacher with the Elk Grove School District, a consultant to California's Environmental Education Program, and co-writer and editor of the

For album and concert information:

Betsy Keithcart
8900 Old Creek Drive
Elk Grove, CA 95758

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