Muir Power To You

by Bill Oliver

[Muir Power to You Bumpersticker] [Bill Oliver, Environmental Troubadour]

This song is now available on the John Muir Tribute CD and as a full-length MP3 sound file at Bill Oliver's website!

This is a rousing, high-spirited song praising Muir's life and encouraging listeners to follow in his footsteps. An inspirational, foot-tapping country-folk sound touching on many important events of Muir's life.

This outstanding 4:11 minute song, "Muir Power to You" is featured on the new collector's CD, the John Muir Tribute CD released by the John Muir Memorial Association.

The song can also be found on three of Bill's albums:
Audubon Adventures (1986)
Better Things to Do (1987)
Live at Lassen! (1992)

About Bill Oliver

On Bill Oliver's album, Better Things to Do , Bill writes: "These songs represent a lot of miles, concerts, and campfires. They're dedicated to the Rachel Carsons and John Muirs of our time who are fighting to preserve the diversity and integrity of our unique little planet from the bombs, bulldozers, and boardrooms of blind progress."

Bill also authored another John Muir song, Me and Stickeen , about Muir's adventure with a dog on a glacier, and in 2005, Hooray for Hetch Hetchy, a recollection of Hetch Hetchy as it was in John Muir's day, and a prognosis for how it could be so again.

Bill Oliver and his friends are available for rollicking eco-concerts to school and community groups anywhere.
Bill Oliver: acoustic-rhythm guitar, harmonica, lead vocals, producer, "drip" jaw-harp;
Lost Gonzo Band:
John Immon: electric guitars
Bob Livingston: bass guitar
Paul Pearcy: drums, percussion, marimbas
Hudson and Frank: vocals

For album and concert information:

Live Oak Recordings
801 W. Gibson,
Austin TX 78704
Phone: 512-447-2240

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