Range of Light

by Walkin' Jim Stoltz

This song is now available on the John Muir Tribute CD!

About the Song

Walkin' Jim Stoltz performs countless concerts,and has recorded numerous albums about the wilderness. This song inspired by John Muir, Range of Light is recorded on his latest album, The Long Trails.

This wonderful song celebrates Muir's inspiration from the High Sierra, the Range of Light. The refrain confirms:

Yes, the fire of ol' Man Muir
Is still a-shining bright,
Up in the High Sierra, out in the Range of Light!

About Walkin' Jim Stoltz

Jim Stoltz, known far and wide as Walkin' Jim, sings his songs with a definite sense of having been there. Indeed, he has. It all began innocently enough, walking the Appalachian Trail from Georgia to Maine. That was in 1974. After a year and a half spent walking from the Atlantic to the Pacific, folks just naturally started referring to him as "Walkin' Jim."

What followed was a trek from Mexico to Canada along the Continental Divide Trail, four years of hiking his own border to border trail through Arizona, Utah, Idaho, and Montana, and yearly long walks across the remaining wildlands of America. Although his miles now total more than 24,000, it all adds up to much more than miles. It's year's of experiences, stories and songs.

Jim began playing professionally around Detroit, Michigan back in the early '70s before he started the long treks. With no formal music training, Jim's roots are based solid in traditional folk music. His original songs often come out sounding more like hundred-year-old ballads. With his deep, powerful voice and basic guitar and harmonica back-ups, he sings with the assurance and sincerity of one who has something to say.

Jim's relationship with the Earth has given him a deep commitment to preserve the wilderness, protect the planet's creatures, and fight for the right to a clean and healthy environment. Walkin' Jim's music springs from the land itself.

Leading somewhat of a double life, he'll spend months in the backcountry soaking up the solitude of the wild places and writing his songs and poetry. Then, emerging from the wilderness, he takes his show on the road and through song shares those most precious feelings that the wilderness can offer.

In Spring of 1991 Jim was awarded the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Outstanding Achievement Award. The award reads: "For Sharing Nature and Wilderness with Others Across America Through Your Extraordinary Words, Images, and Music."

For album and concert information:

Wild Wind Records
PO Box 160477
or #10 Aspen Court
Big Sky, MT 59716
WEB SITE: www.walkinjim.com

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