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Du Pont Puts Brakes on Okefenokee Mine

The Planet, June 1997, Volume 4, number 5

After months of organizing by the Sierra Club and its allies to stop Du Pont's proposed titanium dioxide mine on the border of Georgia's Okefenokee National Wildlife Refuge, the company announced in April that it will postpone the project until it "conducts a collaborative process with all stakeholders." This delay is a testament to the concerted pressure brought by opponents of the mine, said Georgia Chapter leader Judy Jennings, but she cautioned that Du Pont is not abandoning the mine, just waiting for opposition to die down. "They were smart to postpone," she said, "We had built up a good head of steam. We have to keep up the pressure."

Several Club members attended Du Pont's shareholder meeting in early May and introduced a resolution opposing the mine, which generated positive press in both Georgia and Delaware, Du Pont's corporate home.

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