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Moral Challenge, Tough Choices
Offshore Drilling Moratorium Threatened
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Saving the Au Sable
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The Planet
Finding Energy Developments to Support

It’s easy to be against energy projects. Most pollute to some degree. Wind turbines can kill birds and bats. Gas is better than coal but still contributes to global warming. And we use too much energy so we’re feeding an insatiable addiction and therefore...

But, but...if the Sierra Club doesn’t take a deep breath and make hard choices to support specific energy alternatives, we’re likely to end up with more of the same oil, gas, and coal, and maybe nuclear, too.

Could that mean the Club would support liquified natural gas? Answering questions like that is key to developing a comprehensive national energy policy. Find out how the Club is tackling this thorny dilemma. MORE

You can also learn more about the Club's burgeoning Cool Cities campaign, where activists are working in their own backyards to solve global warming.

Saving the Au Sable

Many consider the Au Sable to be the best trout stream in the Lower 48, and the 11-mile stretch known as the Mason Tract, which inspired the creation of Trout Unlimited in 1959, draws flyfishers and canoiests from all over the world.

It's also off-limits to development, or at least the surface area is. But that hasn't stopped the Bush administration and Traverse City-based Savoy Energy, from proposing to drill at a slant, from outside the tract's boundaries, to extract oil. The proposal has spawned an alliance between the Sierra Club and local anglers, who regarded the Club as primarily an animal rights organization until now.

"People are so pissed around here they're ripping their "Sportsman for Bush" bumperstrips off their trucks," says Aaron Isherwood, a Sierra Club attorney who filed a successful emergency motion to halt any activities to prepare the site for drilling. MORE

Offshore Drilling Moratorium Threatened

Less than a week after President Bush admitted in his State of the Union address that America was addicted to oil, his administration released a 5-year offshore drilling plan targeting the Virginia, Florida, and Alaska coasts. So much for kicking the habit.

First in line was Virginia, which the oil and gas industry hoped would be the first domino to fall. But happily, Virginia Governor Timothy Kaine begged to differ and announced in early April he would strip offshore drilling from a recently passed energy bill for the state. MORE

see pdf of May/June issue



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