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cars and trucks contribute to smog in this report
Sprawl Harms Our Health
Vehicles and Smog
Public Transit vs. Highways
A Vision for the Future
How Your State Rates
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clearing the air with transit spending


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To read last year’s report, "Smart Choices or Sprawling Growth: A Fifty State Survey of Development" or Sierra Club sprawl reports from previous years, or to find out more about the Sierra Club’s Challenge to Sprawl Campaign, please visit


This project was made possible through the hard work of many Sierra Club volunteers and staff, including:

Challenge to Sprawl Campaign Committee:
Sandy Bahr
Melody Flowers
Tim Frank (chair)
Ben Hitchings
John Holtzclaw
Ed Hopkins
Brett Hulsey
Judy Kunofsky
Bill Myers
Peter Tyler

Project Coordinator
Melody Flowers

Director, Environmental Quality Program
Ed Hopkins

Regional Field Advisor
Brett Hulsey

Joanie Clayburgh, Melody Flowers, Stephanie Vance

Melody Flowers, Ananda Hirsh, John Holtzclaw

Communications Consultants
Joanie Clayburgh, Megan Fowler, Kim Haddow, Allen Mattison

Design and Production, print version
John Byrne Barry

Design and Production, web version
Will Easton, Lisa Reiser, Mike Papciak

Field Research and Editorial Assistance
Glen Besa, Glen Brand, Scott Chapman, Jane Clark, Marc Conte, David Crossley, Chase Davis, Julie Eisenhardt, Scott Elkins, Dan Emerine, Craig Engelking, Alan Farago, Pat Gallagher, Steve Gerritson, Bryan Hager, Virginia Harris, Debbie Heaton, Marc Heileson, Alicia Karpick, Sarah Kite, Bert Melcher, Bill Myers, Vivian Newman, Rob Smith, Jeff Tittel, Peter Tyler, Alex Veitch, Maura Wood

Our thanks to all who contributed to this report.

This report has been funded by a grant from The Sierra Club Foundation.

Cover photograph of Chicago by Robert Glusic.