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Stop Sprawl
Reports and Factsheets


Building Better II (2006)
A Guide to America's Best New Development Projects. Also see the 2005 version. (PDF)

Highway Health Hazards
How highways and roads cause health problems in our communities - and what you can do about it (Summer 2004).

Missing the Train
How the Bush administration's transportation proposal threatens jobs, commutes, and public transit ridership (Spring 2004).

The Road to Better Transportation Projects
Public Involvement and the NEPA Process (Summer 2003).

Smart Choices, Less Traffic (Summer 2002)
The Sierra Club takes a critical look at 49 transportation projects.

Clearing the Air With Transit Spending (Fall 2001)
Our cars pollute less than they used to, but smog is still a serious problem. How did this happen?

Smart Choices or Sprawling Growth (Fall 2000)
A 50-state survey of development...the good, the bad and the poorly zoned.

Sprawl Costs Us All (Spring 2000)
How your taxes fuel suburban sprawl.

Solving Sprawl (1999)
Rating the states on open space and growth management.

The Dark Side of the American Dream (1998)
America's thirty most sprawl-threatened cities, and the costs and consequences of suburban sprawl.


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