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Stop Sprawl
Arizona Citizens Growth Management Initiative

The Citizens' Growth Management Initiative gives local voters a strong voice in how their communities grow. It will help protect Arizonan's natural heritage and taxpayers' pocketbooks. It’s a balanced, comprehensive approach that requires establishment of growth areas defined by boundaries, preservation of natural areas and neighborhoods, and the protection of our air and water. The Citizens' Growth Management Initiative requires that developers pay the full costs of facilities required by new developments. Under the Citizens' Growth Management Initiative:

  • Local citizens vote on their community’s growth management plan and any major amendments.
  • Cities and counties must establish growth areas defined by boundaries outside of which new development and services will be limited.
  • Developers must pay the full cost of roads, schools and other public facility needs created by their new developments.
  • Plans must assure that growth is consistent with air and water quality standards, as well as ground and surface water availability.
  • Plans must protect neighborhoods and open space, and road projects must be reviewed for growth impacts by the city, town, and/or county affected.
  • Rezonings and extension of new public services are limited if plans are not adopted on time.
  • Counties have the needed authority to control wildcat subdivisions (lot splits that do not meet minimum standards for subdivisions).
  • The Arizona State Land Department must comply with local growth management plans to the maximum extent allowed by the Enabling Act and Constitution. It bars service extensions to state lands outside of growth boundaries.
  • Repeals prior legislative language restricting growth management and hindering local control of land uses.

For information, call 602/254-8581 statewide and 520/792-6589 in Tucson, or go to

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