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Tributes to John Muir

Tributes to John Muir - Image from Sierra Magazine

"I really feel that John Muir did more for the human race during the century that just passed in good that will be reaped in the century in which we are now living than any other individual." - Enos Mills (1917).

"John Muir has been a role model to generations of Californians and to around the world. He taught us to be active and to enjoy -- but at the same time protect -- our parks, our beaches, and our mountains." - California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, as he announced selection of the John Muir-Yosemite Design for the California State Quarter (March 29, 2004)

"If I were to choose a single Californian to occupy the Hall of Fame, it would be this tenacious Scot who became a Californian during the final forty-six years of his life." - Lawrence Clark Powell (1906-2001).


Muir has been honored in too many categories to list them all or organize them into neat categories! Here are some - everything from astronomy to zoology - including music, buildings, lakes, mountains, postage stamps, coins, institutions, trails, highways, flowers, animals, fine wine, and even fabric!

John Muir in the Arts

Halls of Fame

Important Tributes


  • Liberty Ship SS John Muir - from John Muir Global Network - Expanded, updated, and illustrated version of article originally on this website (January, 2023).
  • Excursion Boat Paddle Wheeler "John Muir" in Devil's Lake, Sauk County, Wisconsin, circa 1940's-1960's. - Postcard Image
  • Airplane - Global Supertanker Spirit of John Muir - now out of service (2021)
  • Train - "Muir" from Disney's "Planes: Fire and Rescue." (fictional) In the movie, a steam locomotive, called a "train transporter," that helps to fight fires in the fictional "Piston Peak National Park," is named "Muir." It also available as a toy or collectible, with the name "Muir" clearly placed on its side.
  • Train Car - At one time, there was a private rail car named for "John Muir" available for rental, but current status cannot be verified at this time. (June, 2016).
  • Starship (spaceship) (fictional) - In the 1991 motion picture "Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country," a film that marked the final appearance together of the original series' cast, a spaceship named the USS John Muir (NCC-1732) was identified as a potential participant in Operation Retrieve to rescue Captain Kirk and Dr. McCoy from RuraPenthe in 2293. The USS John Muir was a 23rd century Federation starship operated by Starfleet. According to the film, in 2293, the John Muir was undergoing a refit at Starbase 24 during the time Operation Retrieve was proposed. The ship itself was not mentioned in dialogue, but was listed on a starship status display that was seen on the Enterprise-A. According to a ship listing included in the plans, and not seen in the extended cut of the movie, the ship's commanding officer was S.C. Jaffe. The ship's captain was named after the sixth movie's second unit director Steven-Charles Jaffe. Source: The Star Trek Concordance by Bjo Trimble (Citadel Press, 1995); Wikia. Notably, Yosemite featured in this film's predecessor, Star Trek V: The Final Frontier.
  • Spaceship (fictional) - in the young adult science fiction/horror novel Pitch Dark by Courtney Alameda (2019), the action centers around a spaceship named U.S.S. John Muir which carries a "terrarium" containing Yosemite National Park along with human colonists in deep stasis.
  • There are numerous roads, streets, and highways named for John Muir, including "John Muir Drive" in San Francisco County, the "John Muir Parkway" (State Route 4) in Contra Costa County, and the John Muir Highway between California's coastal cities and Yosemite. Several California cities have a street named for Muir, and even Kentucky has a John Muir Highway - Highway 90, which starts in Cave City, KY, and goes 35 miles to Burksville, KY.


Written Tributes



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