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The Planet
From the Editor

The Wall Between God and the Devil

by Jenny Coyle

We want The Planet to be an activist's best friend. That's why we included a reader survey in our April issue. About 50,000 of you didn't reply to it - not yet, anyway - so we know it's not a scientific sampling. Still, we were both encouraged and challenged by the feedback from the many who did.

Your personalities came through in the way you chose to identify yourselves.

"Just a girl," wrote a reader in Stone Mountain, Ga. "Just a letter-writing nag," said an activist in Louisville, Ky. "Slacker, contrarian, tardy student," wrote someone from Seneca Falls, N.Y.

Our favorite, though, came from Michigan: "Just somebody who realizes that you are the wall between God and the Devil." Now that's a load of responsibility.

As for the number of letters written and phone calls made as a result of Planet articles, we were convinced by this sampling - again, it's not scientific - that this activist newsletter generates hundreds, if not thousands, of letters with each issue.

Most of you said you clip and send the One-Minute Activist, and some called for more than one in each issue, like the Georgia reader who wrote, "I'm not that lazy, I'm just spread thin."

Some requests: a column on corporate responsibility, a list of suggested reading material, more maps to identify endangered places we write about, more on recycling and a stronger effort to "maintain and sharpen your scientific accuracy."

"Keep offering hope!" wrote one reader. "Keep up the effort - my first graders depend on you," wrote another.

Most gratifying, though, were comments like this one that read like our mission statement: "The victories keep me motivated. The alerts incite me. The One-Minute Activist makes it easy to take action. The more I send in the One-Minute Activist, the more comfortable I feel about responding to alerts."

And this from a reader in Auburn, Ill.: "I often quote The Planet to friends and family, and encourage them to take action as well. When I am finished, I post it on the bulletin board at work for others to read."

Thanks to everyone who took the time to respond. It makes our job that much more gratifying when we hear we're helping you make a difference. Send your comments to

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