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The Planet

by Kim Todd

Can't Take the Heat? Get Out of the SUV!

In California's Marin County, tank-sized sport-utility vehicles are as common as hazelnut lattˇs and even more warming. Apparently, the Expeditions and Denalis crowding parking lots pose targets too big to resist for some environmentally conscious mischief makers. They've launched a midnight campaign, tagging these gas guzzlers with homemade bumperstickers.

The message?

"I'm changing the climate! Ask me how."

A Moving Tale

The Ohio Chapter got a real lift when it recently moved its offices. One of the movers had just returned from a vacation in Yosemite with his wife and kids and was excited about helping the Sierra Club. He asked if he could buy a calendar, and since the movers had done a great job, the staff gave them all calendars for free.

But the next day the mover was back. He passed around pictures from his trip and asked again to pay for his calendar.

According to staffer Marc Conte, "Before leaving, he gave us a big 'thank you.' He knew that this office doesn't work on issues outside of Ohio, but he wanted to thank the Sierra Club for preserving places like Yosemite."

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