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  March 2001 Features:
Beating Back Bush
Clinton's Conservation Legacy
Alaska: Keeping it Wild, Then and Now
Campaign-Finance Reform
Cleaning Up the Hudson
Fair Trade Activism
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The Planet

Go Farther on a Gallon

Go farther on a gallon

The biggest step we can take to slow global warming is to require that cars get 45 miles per gallon and SUVs, pickups and minivans get 34 miles per gallon.

Write a letter to your senators and tell them so.

Get more info on fuel efficiency standards and more.

Give 'Em an Earful

Meeting with a local or state politician can be a very effective, but intimidating, way to get your point across. One suggestion is coming armed with personal and local examples of the impact of the legislation you care about. More tips on quality face time.

Demand a Hard Look at Soft Money

Tell your senator to vote yes on McCain-Feingold and help put an end to corporate-purchased politics.

Strike a Blow for the Caribou

Hands off the Arctic!

President Bush was only in office a few days before declaring his plans to drill for oil in the Arctic Refuge.

Contact the president and tell him "hands off the Arctic!" Go to

Don't Trade Away Our Environment

Celebrate John Muir's birthday by heading to Quebec City in April to protest negotiations on the Free Trade Agreement of the Americas, a pact that would stretch NAFTA-like rules from the Arctic to Tierra del Fuego. Read more about the FTAA protests.

Photo of caribou courtesy Steve Kaufman/UFSWS

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