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  October 2001 Features:
Act Now or Forever Hold Your Nose
Fierce Fight Over Arctic, Fuel Economy
Fair Trade or Fast Track?
New Call for Pollution Disclosure Outside U.S.
Youth Program Hits Growth Spurt
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Demand Your MPG

Demand Your MPGIn a new feature on the Sierra Club Web site, visitors can plug in the make and model of their car and see how much money they would save if fuel-economy standards were modernized. Visitors can also print out letters to the editor requesting improvement in corporate average fuel economy (CAFE) standards. Check it out at

Through A Son's Eyes

Ken Wiwa, son of slain Nigerian environmental hero Ken Saro-Wiwa, right, will tour 14 U.S. cities from Alaska to New York talking about his book, "In the Shadow of a Saint: A Son's Journey to Understand his Father's Legacy." For more information on the tour and the Human Rights and the Environment program, contact Sam Parry at; (202) 675-7907.

Jumpstart Campaign Finance Reform

Campaign finance reform supporters celebrated when the Senate passed the McCain-Feingold bill in April, but then its companion bill, Shays-Meehan, got "trapped" in the House Rules Committee. Now more than 200 representatives have signed a "discharge petition" - which would release the bill for a debate and floor vote.

The Club ran radio ads in late August urging swing representatives to sign onto the petition. To find out more, check out

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