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Last Words: A Question of Moment

Who are you most looking forward to voting for in November?

I look forward most to voting for Ralph Nader. He's the only presidential candidate who has any integrity, who cares about restoring democracy to this country, and who articulates the threat to life on the planet posed by corporations.

Bill Michel, Mountain View, California

Bill Clinton and Al Gore are our best hope in an overwhelmingly hostile political climate. Who else but Bill will save us with vetoes if we do not take back the Congress? And giving Al four years to position himself to be the next president would be the best gift we could give the environment.

Rebecca Falkenberry, Birmingham, Alabama

Harry Browne, the Libertarian candidate for president. Browne believes in downsizing the federal government to just those responsibilities enumerated in the Constitution. As he describes so well in his book, Why Government Doesn't Work, our environment will be much better protected in the hands of private ownership than under the utter incompetence of government bureaucrats.

Kerry M. Kerstetter, Harrison, Arkansas

I'm afraid my favorite candidate won't be on any ballots this fall. Who will fight the pretense that only trains are subsidized? Nobody! Who will can the empty rhetoric about "values" and actually put something ahead of the almighty dollar? Nobody! Who will oppose rich people's welfare programs like mining, ranching, and logging? Nobody!

Hooray for Nobody! Nobody for President!

Thomas Lee Boles, Alamagordo, New Mexico

Representative Ron Dellums. He is committed to the environment, with a League of Conservation Voters score that is invariably 100 percent. On almost all other issues, he holds views identical to mine as well. I recognize that this is political heaven, here in Berkeley. Most political work that I (and the Club) do is essential, but not so pure. So it is nice to be able to cast one vote with no reservations whatsoever.

Judith Kunofsky, Berkeley, California

Wow, that's easy. Michael Coles, who's running against Newt Gingrich. Hopefully, enough other people around here have gotten a clue, and we'll be able to vote Newt out of office for good.

Dionna Elder, Marietta, Georgia

Michela Alioto, for the First District congressional seat in Northern California. This will force out Frank Riggs (zero environmental voting record), whose highway signs read, "Fighting for Our Future"-- when in reality he's frightening for our future.

Krista Rector, Cloverdale, California

I can't wait to cast my vote for Congressman Bernie Sanders, the only independent member of Congress. Sanders refuses to accept any Political Action Committee money and is therefore not influenced by large corporate special interests. He's been a reliable friend of the environment, too. We could use about 530 more like him.

Tom Fugate, Waitsfield, Vermont

Walter Capps, because he is running against Andrea Seastrand, whose congressional voting record, according to the League of Conservation Voters, is zero. She is dangerous for the environment.

Bill Denneen, Nipomo, California

I'm "voting" for Michigan congressional challenger Debbie Stabenow, and she's not even in my district. And I'm not waiting for November, either. My friends and I have been publicly exposing the abysmal environmental voting record of her opponent, Representative Dick Chrysler, at every opportunity.

Sherry Hayden, Flint, Michigan

Who am I most looking forward to voting for in November? Anyone but Representative Jim Hansen.

Steven P. Floray, LaVerkin, Utah

For Washington state governor, U.S. congressman, and President of the United States, I'll experience great joy voting for the Democratic candidates and getting rid of the Republican wilderness-haters.

Robert Wallace, Seattle, Washington

I am disgusted by the Republicans' typical neglect and violation of the environment. It is inexcusable. I am embarrassed that some who applaud or laugh off this behavior call themselves Christians. Even so, I cannot vote for the Democratic Party because of its characteristic support of women's choice rather than their children's chance at life. I'll be voting Republican.

Laurie Nicholson, Ariton, Alabama

Without a doubt the candidate that I feel the strongest desire to vote for is Senator John Kerry, running for a third term here in Massachusetts. I have written many letters to him about environmental issues and he, without fail, has always had very good answers to all my concerns. I couldn't picture a better person to represent my state in the Senate--especially in terms of the environment.

Jacob Litoff, Westwood, Massachusetts

I am looking forward to voting for Elliott Close as a U.S. senator from South Carolina. Strom Thurmond has been in office most of this century, and he has been voting against clean air and water for about as long as we've had it. Close, on the other hand, has made environmental protection one of his campaign cornerstones.

Tom Perlic, Columbia, South Carolina

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