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Quote Unquote

"We have taken the above steps to ensure that you, the customer, can feel confident in the food we serve."

--Granada Food Services, explaining why it decided to stop serving genetically engineered foods at all of its outlets, including the British headquarters of Monsanto, the world's leading booster of bioengineered farm and food products.

"You can preach that trees are sacred, that the earth is my mother, the sun is my father and all that. But in demanding that the government accept your beliefs, you've crossed the line."

--Stephen Young, attorney for Associated Contract Loggers, which claimed the U.S. Forest Service is allowing the "religion of deep ecology"--and its adherents' belief that forests should not be destroyed by clearcutting--to influence management policies. The suit was dismissed in February.

"It does lead to troubling questions, which we readily admit."

--David Campbell, spokesman for British Nuclear Fuels Ltd., after the company acknowledged that its workers in England had faked quality-assurance data on fuel for a German nuclear reactor. BNFL, which last year suffered a similar public-relations meltdown over fuel shipped to Japan, is building a nuclear-waste incinerator in Idaho.

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