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Gore and Bush on the Environment

Issue Al Gore George W. Bush
WILD FORESTS Supports Clinton's proposal to protect 40 million acres of roadless forests;would extend to include Alaska's Tongass National Forest. Vows to reverse Clinton's forest-protection proposal. Supports increase timber sales in national forests.
NEW MONUMENTS Supported creation of new national monuments: Giant Sequoia, Grand Staircase-Escalante, Grand Canyon-Parashant, and others. Opposes the new national monuments.
ARCTIC NATIONAL WILDLIFE REFUGE Supports full wilderness protection for the refuge. Advocates oil drilling in the refuge.
CLIMATE CHANGE Negotiated the Kyoto agreement to reduce global warming; supports reductions in greenhouse-gas emissions. Believes global warming is real, but opposes Kyoto Protocol.
AIR POLLUTION Supports stricter clean-air health standards. Opposes stricter air standards. Lobbied to weaken enforcement of the Clean Air Act.
WATER POLLUTION Supports federal action to reduce pollution from industrial-size animal facilities. Opposes this federal action. His home state of Texas has the most factory farms of any state.
SPRAWL Proposed "Better America Bonds" to help communities preserve green space and farmland. Says that controlling sprawl should be left to local government. Texas is the first in loss of prime farmland to development.
POLITICAL REFORM Supports McCain-Feingold bill to ban soft-money donations to parties. Proposes quasi-public financing of campaigns. Opposes McCain-Feingold. Opposes public financing of campaigns.

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