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  Sierra Magazine
  September/October 2004
Table of Contents
  ELECTION 2004:
Who's Got the Power?
Collateral Damage
Dubya's Dictionary
"Wise Use" in the White House
Bush's Seven Deadly Sins
USA Tomorrow
Our Next President
Forty Wild Years
Interview: Michael Pollan
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USA Tomorrow
by Paul Rauber

What if George W. Bush wins a second term? At the time of this writing the president’s popularity is at a historic low, yet because of the stark polarization of the nation’s voters he remains neck and neck with John Kerry. Read more...

Washington, November 3, 2004 -- Squeaking to victory once again, George W. Bush was elected to a second term, eking out an electoral college win
despite Democratic challenger John Kerry’s substantial lead in the popular vote. Adding to the drama and confusion was the widespread failure of
electronic voting machines in seven key states, not to mention the surprise capture of Osama bin Laden a week ago. In Florida,

A turn of fortunes in the war in Iraq, a few good economic reports, and a handful of voters opting for Ralph Nader could easily lead to the reelection of the most anti-environmental president in American history. Sierra persuaded several eminent environmental and political observers to contemplate just what a second Bush administration might hold in store. Their predictions turn out to be pretty much in tune with the old song: "Do you think you’ve hit bottom? Oh no. There’s a bottom below."

More USA Tomorrow headlines:

Bush budget slashes social, environmental programs to fund war effort
commentary by Robert Reich

Superfund Shuttered
"Clean enough is clean enough," says EPA chief
commentary by Lois Gibbs

UN building to be new Trump Tower
Real estate bonanza follows U.S. pullout, subsequent dissolution of United Nations
commentary by Gus Speth

Asthma Crisis
One in ten children now stricken; one in five in inner cities
commentary by Robert Bullard

SUPREME COURT: Taxpayers owe polluters billions
Justices recognize historic "right to pollute"
commentary by Richard Lazarus

Arctic Refuge Opened to Full Oil Exploitation
commentary by Representative George Miller

Alaskan Sea Otter Extinct
Weakened Endangered Species Act fails to protect beleaguered marine mammals
commentary by Kieran Suckling

World population surges again
commentary by Paul and Anne Ehrlich

Killer Temperatures Continue
Longest-ever heat wave parches East Coast; West goes up in flames
commentary by Stephen Schneider

Second Bush term draws to a close
Policies to continue under President Jeb

Paul Rauber is a senior editor at Sierra.

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