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  Sierra Magazine
  November/December 2004
Table of Contents
Wild & Whitewashed
Interview: Restaurateur Alice Waters
Who Grows Your Food? (And Why It Matters)
A Tale of Two Immigrants
Let's Talk
Ways & Means
One Small Step
Lay of the Land
Good Going
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Sierra Magazine
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George Lakoff's commonsense approach to communication and the tremendous part it could play in the triumph of truth over deception brought me hope and optimism ("Winning Words," July/August). Let's hear more from Lakoff (and others like him).
Greg Nelson
Lake Forest, California

The article about Lakoff left me wondering if at times we demonize views opposed to our own. Just as treating adversary nation-states as members of an "axis of evil" may turn some folks off, describing plans we oppose as "assaults on" our environment may be counterproductive.
Denis Rydjeski
Springfield, Vermont

Editor's note: For information about a DVD featuring George Lakoff, call Magnolia Films at (415) 457-0992 or visit

As a Republican Sierra Club member with a keen interest in the environment, I was encouraged by Martha Marks's article and the concept that perhaps the Club could gather support from a group it has largely written off over the years ("The Green Old Party," July/August). The Club is considered an irreconcilable adversary by the Republicans in power and is taken for granted by Democrats. What significant concessions would we be willing to make to begin the rapprochement?
Peter Shikli
San Clemente, California

Once upon a time the GOP was a green and grand old party. But "once upon a time" is an opening for a fairy tale; it does not belong in serious political discourse today. The ancient history of Teddy Roosevelt is not as relevant as what we have more recently been learning about the GOP. I was born and raised Republican; so were most of my family and friends, but that is not the same as being born blind. One can change parties.
Sue Gracey
Brookline, Massachusetts

Reading "When Aliens Attack" (July/August), I stopped in my tracks when I saw this offensive and racist description of the restorationists going about their work: "'Kamikaze!' The most enthusiastic team members start to yell in pseudo-Japanese gibberish and fall upon the larger plants with samurai fervor." I also found the use of "alien" counterproductive. It is only the [plants] that have no natural regulation and will create a monoculture if left to grow unabated that we try to control. The term "invasive non- native" speaks more to the problem.
John Holloway
Oakland, California

In "When Aliens Attack" (July/August), we stated that Atlantic salmon appear to be interbreeding with Pacific salmon in Alaska. There is no evidence of this. A far bigger concern is the displacement of wild Pacific salmon by their escaped farm-raised cousins. In the same issue, the "African clawed frog" we showed in a photograph on page 21 was actually a leopard frog.

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