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  November/December 2007
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November/December 2007

In "Bio-Hope, Bio-Hype" (September/October), you state that using B99/100 soybean biodiesel requires a specially modified vehicle. This is so not true!
Abbie Stryker
Santa Cruz, California

Editor's note: Please see correction below.

I have never read such an antifeminist bunch of claptrap parading as feminism as in the repellent "Life Itself Is a Risky Process" ("Interview," September/October). The rate of human ethical evolution is glacial. We have finally reached the stage where hunting is on the way out—due more to demographic changes than to enlightenment, unfortunately.
Susan Gordon
North Plainfield, New Jersey

I was watching elk during their breeding season, and a big bull guarding about 30 cows kept chasing a small bull away. A hunter would have shot the big bull and missed what happened next.

The small bull was finally intimidated and began to graze some distance away. Then a breeze came up at my back. My scent hit that little bull like a two-by-four. He jumped in the air and began to hightail it for the timber. Then he did an amazing thing. He turned around and came directly toward the scent and the herd. The big bull arched his antlers at him threateningly, and all the cows raised their heads too. But everything about that little bull's body language said "danger!" His trot was stiff, and his hackles were raised. He went right through the middle of the herd and started running, and by this time, the cows and the big bull were running with him. I witnessed that little bull, at risk to himself, lead everyone else to safety. Hunting may provide food for the body, but wildlife observation provides food for the soul.
Mary Katherine Ray
Winston, New Mexico

As a woman who hunts, teaches hunter education, and is a Sierra Club member, I can verify that more women are hunting. Conservation means "wise use," and hunting is a conservation tool that helps manage wildlife populations at a healthy balance for their habitat. I can also tell you that no turkey from a grocery store or turkey farm is as delicious as a wild turkey (and it is even tastier when I'm the person who harvested it)!
Kelly Knowles
Williamsburg, Missouri

The September/October cover ("Who you callin' cupcake?") is the best ever! Please offer this as a children's poster.
Beverly Meyer
San Antonio, Texas

The chart in "Bio-Hope, Bio-Hype" stated that vehicles using B99/100 biodiesel require special modifications. Unless the car is using 100 percent waste vegetable oil, the only alteration necessary is to replace natural rubber fuel hoses on older vehicles. Modern diesel vehicles can use biodiesel with no modifications.

In "Gladder Glades" ("Sierra Club Bulletin," September/October), the proposed power plant near Everglades National Park would have emitted 14 million tons of carbon dioxide annually, not 13 million pounds.

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