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The Big Book of Bush

Will voters connect the dots by November?

By Dashka Slater

Have you been paying attention to what your president and his administration have been doing to our air, water, and wildlands in the last two years? Just in case you need a refresher course, here’s an opportunity to sharpen up those number two pencils and test your environment-saving savvy.

When you’re done, we know where to direct your inevitable outrage: to the upcoming election. George W. Bush has another two years left in his term, so environmentalists’ best hope is a strong, green Congress. Even with hostile leadership in the House, the 107th has helped out occasionally. It was Congress that short-circuited (for now) Bush’s plans to open the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to oil drilling. Congress insisted on reducing the amount of carcinogenic arsenic in drinking water. And it’s Congress that debates the future of the Endangered Species Act, the Clean Air Act, and national-forest logging.

The Congress we swear in next January could be much stronger if you head to the polls on November 5 and support candidates who embrace green values rather than greenbacks. Prepare yourself for the campaign with these puzzles and quizzes. Remember, it only looks like child’s play.

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