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Picturesque California

and the Region West of the Rocky Mountains, From Alaska to Mexico

John Muir, Editor

Assisted by Able Writers

J. Dewing Publishing Co.,

New York and San Francisco

( from the book's inside covers )

Picturesque California

John Muir, Editor
Assisted by Able Writers
(New York: J. Dewing Publishing Co., 1888)

The mission of this work is to make the best possible representation of the Marvelous Scenery and sublime Naturel Wonders of this unique region; portraying by the aid of the artist's genius and the author's facile pen, its Lofty Mountains and Charming Valleys; its Placid Lakes and Thundering Cataracts; its Giant Trees and Brilliant Natural Flora; its World-renowned YOSEMITE; its Mammoth Glaciers of Alaska, compared with which even those of Switzerland would appear insignificant; its stupendous feats of Railroad Engineering, scaling dizzy heights and rounding the brink of Yawning Precipices; its Wild Hunting and fishing Scenes; its famous Mines and Grotesque Mining Camps; its wonderful Geysers and Hot Springs; its Petrified Forests and Grottoed Caverns; its unrivaled Health and Pleasure Resorts; its vast Stock and Grain Ranches; measured by leagues rather than by acres; its beautiful Orange Groves, Olive Orchards and Raisin Vineyards; its landscape Gardens with boundless wealth of flowers; showing also representative cities, towns and villas, public buildings and parks, sumptuous residences and sunny homes, picturesque islands, shores, bays, cliffs, etc., - in brief, the most artistic Selection that the Pacific Coast affords.

The announcement of a Standard Publication of this character, unfolding for the first time scenery of such unparalleled beauty, so picturesquely described, and so profusely illustrated by the leading Artists of America, requires no elaborate introduction. to Americans generally, who are naturally critical of the way in which any part of the great commonwealth shall be placed before the world, the importance of this work will commend itself without argument.

The text is furnished by ablest descriptive writers, each thoroughly familiar with the subject assigned him.

The superb Etchings, Photo-Etchings, Photo-Gravures, and Text Illustrations that will adorn this work, are now being prepared at an enormous expense from original drawings and paintings by the foremost Artists and Painters of America, among whom may be named the following well-known gentlemen:

Becker, Carl, J.
Cary, william M.
Chase, W.M.
Coxe, Reginald Cleveland
Cozzens, Fred S.
Darley, F.O.C.
Durkin, John
Fagan, James
Farny, H.F.
Fenn, Harry
Ferris, Stephen J.
Ferris, Gerome
Gibson, W. Hamilton
Gifford, R. Swain
Goater, Walter A.
Graham, Charles
Hamilton, Hamilton
Hill, thomas
Ihlefeld, Henry
Joseph, I.A.
Keith, W.
Keller, A.J.
Meeker, E.J.
Moran, Thomas
Moran, N. Nimmo
Platt, George W.
Perard, Victor s.
Remington, Fredk.
Rix, Julian
Robinson, C.D.
Shirlaw, Walter
Snyder, W.P
Spiel, George
Serner, Albert E.
Waugh, F.J.
and many others

"Land of the wild Sierras; Land of the deep Yosemite; Land of the great Sequoias, whose mammoth Forests point their giant fingers through the dome of Heaven, the time has come thy mystic beauties to unfold."

Wonderland, with all its regions of fancy, could not reveal marvels of beauty more supremely grand than are found in this most favored Country.

The work is indeed unique, whether in the magnificent field that it covers, or in the masterly way in which both writers and artists have grasped their subject. the literary portion treats in detail of the several characteristics of each section of interest throughout the Coast, producing such startling vividness the most charming pictures, teeming with life and animation, and unsurpassed both in descriptive force and truthfulness to nature.

The editor-in-chief, Mr. John Muir, so well known for the force and fidelity of his pen in descriptive writing, has spent his life in communion with Nature, living for many years in the passes of our mountains, absorbed in profound study of his wild surroundings, animate and inanimate. there is not a section of the high Sierras, - in many places a terra incognita, impenetrable even to the hardy mountaineer, - that he has not braved, that does not form a portion of his very being, and of which he cannot speak as part and parcel of himself.

The work is profusely embellished by studies from nature, carrying out the writer's ideas, and illustrating special subjects of the painters own selection; whilst the list of Artists engaged comprises the most notable of the day, chiefly American. By means of a new process of photo-gravure - one of the greatest achievements hat modern genius has brought to the aid of Art - and the painter's work is reproduced as in a mirror, conveying in each instance the very soul of his concept, and losing nothing of his individuality, force, character, or style.

Etchings, executed by the leading Etchers of the period, also form an important feature. Wood-cuts of the highest order are profusely scattered throughout the text, as also other illustrations produced by the most recent and artistic methods.

The paper is exquisitely fine, coated and enameled, and of a quality that will take the most artistic impressions.

Conditions of Publication

The entire work will contain over six hundred art illustrations, including one hundred and twenty or more full pages Photo-Gravures, Etchings and Photo-Etchings. Each part will contain four or more full page plates and sixteen pages of illustrated text - many of the plates and illustrations being printed in appropriate tints. To be published in thirty parts, 12 x 16 inches in size, at one dollar per part, payable on delivery. The parts are bound in handsome illuminated covers, and it is the intention of the publishers to issue them monthly, or as much more rapidly as the work can be prepared.

No subscribers name received for less than the entire work.

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