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Current and Upcoming Events



Past Events:


  • February 17, 2022 - "The Amazing Travels of John Muir," by Garrett Dailey. Presented by the Museum of the San Ramon Valley via Zoom. Garrett Dailey an attorney and noted authority on John Muir will be returning with a fascinating program on Muir's worlds travels and the impact he had. Ever heard of the Muir Glacier? Yes the same Muir but his impact was to extend far beyond North America.



  • No Live events due to COVID-19 Pandemic.

  • April 15, 2021 - "John Muir: California's Most Famous Resident," by Garrett Dailey. Presented by the Museum of the San Ramon Valley via Zoom.


    No Events due to COVID-19 Pandemic .


  • April 20, 2019 - John Muir Birthday–Earth Day Celebration Saturday, 10am–4pm at the at the John Muir National Historic Site in Martinez, California.

  • January 23, 2019 - Actor Steve Berg narrates, while inebriated (or pretending to be), a very silly version of John Muir's camping trip with Theodore Roosevelt, on Comedy Central's "Drunk History" show, from Season 6, Episode 2. Actor and comedian Thomas Middleditch played the role of John Muir. Host Derek Waters. Watch a video segment from the "Drunk History" feature, John Muir Goes Camping with Theodore Roosevelt.



April 23, 2018 - John Muir Symposium at University of California, San Diego

March 23-24, 2018 -



November 13, 2017, 7 PM - An Influential Life — John Muir -The David A. Cofrin Library sponsored an evening of mini-lectures on the impact John Muir made on history, ecology, psychology and conservation. UW-Green Bay faculty and staff delivered mini-lectures that lead attendees into a larger conversation about the importance of Muir's legacy. Take part in the discussion and enjoy light refreshments on Thursday, November 30th 2017 from 7pm-8:30pm on the 4th floor of the library. The event is in conjunction with the traveling exhibit "Wisconsin's John Muir." The exhibit will be at the David A. Cofrin Library on the 4th floor, and open to the public, November 15 to December 15, 2017. Welcome: Greg Davis, Provost; Presenters: Michael Draney, Professor, Biology; Vicki Medland, Associate Director of Cofrin Center for Biodiversity; David Voelker, Associate Professor in Humanities and History; Georjeanna Wilson-Doenges, Professor in Human Development and Psychology. Closing Remarks: Paula Ganyard, Assistant Vice chancellor of Information Technology and Library Services. More than 120 people attended the even,t including students, faculty and staff, but also a large number of community members. Also participating — the local chapter of the Sierra Club and author Robert Root, who was on hand to sign copies of his new book "Walking on Common Ground." Archives and Area Research Center displayed original letters of Muir along with a first edition of his work. Muir's work impacted history, ecology, psychology and conservation.

June 2017 - December, 2017 - "In the Footsteps of John Muir"a new exhibit by Scottish photographer Ken Paterson, is on display at the John Muir National Historic Site in Martinz, Calif. The exhibit features 12 photographs that chronicle Muir's travels from Dunbar, Scotland, to such California sites as Yosemite, and other places that Muir loved and fought to preserve. The exhibit is launched on June 10, 2017 with a talk by Paterson, where the exhibit will be showcased at the John Muir National Historic Site, 4202 Alhambra Ave., Martinez, California. The site is open daily from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., and admission is free.

October 20, 2017 - 7:30 PM - "Living History: John Muir, the Father of Our National Parks," at the Wilderness Center, 9877 Alabama Ave SW Wilmot, OH 44689 USA Aa visit with John Muir. John Kolar, naturalist from Geauga County, will portray Muir who was instrumental in forming the National Park Service.

September 30, 2017 - The Largely Literary Theater Company presents "A Force of Nature" at the Twin City Opera House in McConnelsville, Ohio.The 40-minute play, which has been commissioned by the National Park Service, will portray a historically accurate account, centered around the 26th president of the United States, Theodore Roosevelt and the father of the National Park System, John Muir, as they explored the Yosemite Valley in California in 1903. This moment is an incendiary, wonderful moment, and the story of what happened in Yosemite, is really what gives us the impetus for the national park system." Actor Mark Dawidziak will play Theodore Roosevelt and his wife Sara will portray John Muir. "There's a lot of humor, we do this a little bit like a play and a little bit like a sketch comedy," Dawidziak said. "But our ultimate goal is to honor these two men and also honor the National Park Service." A Facebook gallery of images from the perfroamce is available.

September 9, 2017 - 'Muir Fest" - Roane County and the City of Kingston, Tennesssee, will be hosting a "Muir Fest" to commemorate the 150th anniversary of naturalist John Muir's visit to the area. The Muir Festival at Fort Southwest Point on Sept. 9, 2017 will feature music, food and educational programs designed to bring attention to environmental issues. Recognized as "The Father of the National Parks System" and the founder of the Sierra Club, Muir passed through Kingston on Sept. 12, 1867 on his 1,000-mile walk from Kentucky to Florida. After crossing what historians believe is either the Little Emory River or the Emory River, Muir spent some time in what he described as a "grand rock dwelling" filled with mosses, birds, and flowers, declaring it to be the "most heavenly place I ever entered." He wrote: "There is nothing more eloquent in Nature than a mountain stream, and this is the first I ever saw. Its banks are luxuriantly peopled with rare and lovely flowers and overarching trees, making one of Nature's coolest and most hospitable places." The Roane Alliance Vice President of Tourism Pam May said the Muir Festival will celebrate the natural beauty of Roane County. "We want to make it a 'Soak in Roane' event," she said. Music will be a big part of the event, she said. Rockwood native Jason Eskridge and Winchester native and former biologist Jay Clark will headline the concert. Clark has played in several bluegrass bands and is an established solo artist. Clark will speak at the festival as a former wildlife biologist. Other speakers are planned. Kingston City Manager David Bolling said he hopes to the festival will grow into an annual event. Attendees at the event will also have the opportunity to win a kayak donated by Uncle Lem's in Knoxville.
Learn more:'s-trek

John Muir Series: Conversation with a Tramp, with Lee Stetson Shows every Wednesday at 7 pm, April 5 - Oct. 25,, 2017 - at Yosemite Theatre in Yosemite Valley. Journey back to the early 1900s to hear John Muir share stories from Yosemite as he receives news on the future of his beloved Hetch Hetchy Valley.

John Muir Series: Stickeen & Other Fellow Mortals, with Lee Stetson Shows every Thursday at 7 pm, April 6 - Oct. 26, 2017 - at Yosemite Theatre in Yosemite Valley. Enjoy the best of John Muir's stories about his adventures and encounters with "fellow mortals" in the animal kingdom, including Stickeen the dog.

September 1, 8:00pm - Dr. Bonnie Gisel, curator, Yosemite Conservation Heritage Center "The Wilder Muir." Explore tales both curious and inviting about John Muir. By the author of the 2017 book, The Wilder Muir: The Curious Nature of John Muir.

September 9, 8:00pm – Michael Wurtz, Director of Special Collections, University of the Pacific, Home of the John Muir Papers "John Muir & the Big Trees" Meet Michael and experience his journey in discovering Muir's joy and respect for the Sequoia.

July 9, 2017 - Keith Fitch's orchestral work,The Range of Light, composed by Keith Fitch, will be premiered in summer of 2017 at the Rocky Ridge Music Center in Rocky Mountain National Park. The work uses texts selected from several of John Muir's writings, including "Our National Parks," "My First Summer in the Sierra," "The Yosemite," as well as various unpublished texts. The performance date is Sunday, July 9, 2017 at 3pm at Rocky Ridge (located outside Estes Park, CO). See the Rocky Ridge Music Center page on The Range of Light (off-site link) for more information. Click here to buy tickets for the July 29, 2017 concert at Rocky Ridge Music Center.

July 15, 8:00pm – Harold Wood, John Muir Historian/Sierra Club John Muir Webmaster "Continuing Inspiration of John Muir" Join Harold Wood as he saunters with the legacy of John Muir into the 21st century.

March 13, 2017 – Gesa Power House Theatre presents "John Muir: Watch, Pray, and Fight" – a one-man play created and performed by Mark Raddatz – on Saturday, April 15, 2017 at 7:00 p.m. In order to capture the essence of the legendary mountaineer, naturalist, and founder of the Sierra Club, Mark Raddatz composed the script entirely from Muir's own words. This is not a biographical essay or paraphrase of an animal story. This is Muir as he would have appeared and spoken to an audience in his own time.

April 22, 2017 -  John Muir Birthday- Earth Day - Join the National Park Service (NPS) and the John Muir Association in celebrating John Muir's 179th birthday and Earth Day, during the annual Birthday-Earth Day event on Saturday, April 22, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the John Muir National Historic Site (NHS) in Martinez.
The celebration, held rain or shine, features family-oriented activities, food for sale, live music including a bagpipe band, song performances by original cast members of the play "Mountain Days," and exhibits by national parks and local environmental organizations. Parking and admission are free.
NPS Ranger Frank Helling will portray John Muir and recount some of Muir's many wilderness adventures. Visitors can enjoy self-guided tours of Muir's historic Italianate Victorian home where he wrote about protecting nature. There will be two silent auctions with proceeds benefiting the John Muir Association, the nonprofit organization providing support to the NPS and co-hosting the event. The Association will also present the 39th annual John Muir Conservation Awards. The John Muir NHS Visitor Center parking lot will be reserved for vehicles with a state-issued disabled person placard or plate; free general parking will be available at Alhambra High School located at 150 E Street at Alhambra Avenue. While free shuttle transportation will be provided from the parking area, the NPS encourages travel on public transportation. For directions, please visit For additional information, please visit or

April 22, 2017 - John Muir Birthday at John Muir County Park, near Montello, Wisconsin. The John Muir birthday party and Earth Day clean up will be held at John Muir Park on April 22nd, 2017. There will be birthday cake and a family friendly bird saunter following the clean up. 

April 21, 2017 - John Muir Garden Party - at University of the Pacific in Stockton, California. A celebration of John Muir and the Robb Garden with music, spoken word, and refreshemnts. 7 PM, University of the Pacific Robb Garden.

May 7, 8:00pm – Tom Bopp, John Muir Historian & Celebrated YNP Musician "John Muir and Teddy Roosevelt: Yosemite 1903" An Evening of historic revelry as Tom takes us on the journey with Roosevelt and Muir into Yosemite.

May 26, 8:00pm – Dr. Bonnie Gisel, curator, Yosemite Conservation Heritage Center "The Wilder Muir" Explore tales both curious and inviting about John Muir. By the author of the brand new book, The Wilder Muir: The Curious Nature of John Muir.

June 10, 2017 - 8 PM - John Muir Ramble Route: Hiking San Francisco to Yosemite in the Footsteps of John Muir. Donna Thomas and Peter Thomas, authors of John Muir's Ramble Route and California Book Artists, Yosemite Conservation Heritage Center (formerly LeConte Memorial Lodge), limited to 50 guests. Shuttle Stop #12.

June 24, 8:00pm – Michael Wurtz, Director of Special Collections, University of the Pacific, Home of the John Muir Papers "John Muir & the Big Trees" Meet Michael & experience his journey in discovering Muir's joy & respect for the Sequoia

June 2-3, 2017 - "America's Holy Trinity of Conservation," a two-day event in Osage County, Missouri, featuring three of America's most influential Conservationists: Henry David Thoreau, John Muir, and Aldo Leopold.


March 24, 2016 - National Park Service Centennial $5 Dollar Commemorative Coin Featuring John Muir and Theodore Roosevelt go on sale.

April 6, 2016 - Septtember 5, 2016 - Ellis Island - Life and Legacy of John Muir Exhibit

For the entire summer of 2016, the Clan Currie Society reprises its exhibition it produced in 2005 about John Muir at the Ellis Island National Monument, to celebrate the Centennial of the National Park Service. The program opens to the public on Wednesday, April 6 (Tartan Day) and will run through Labor Day, 2016.

Wisconsin's John Muir - A Traveling Exhibit and Reading Program
During 2016 the Wisconsin Historical Society is providing a free exhibit to local public libraries and historical societies in 25 communities around the state. "Wisconsin's John Muir" explores Muir's youth in Wisconsin, his advocacy for national parks, and his views on environmental issues such as logging, hunting, and climate change. Its eight panels share facsimiles of images and manuscripts from the Society's library and archives alongside Muir quotes and interpretive texts.
Each community also receives enough free copies of Muir's memoir The Story of My Boyhood and Youth so they can host a book club. To put that memoir in context, the Society compiled an anthology of primary sources called Wisconsin's Environmental Tradition: A Reader to give them, too. Society staff are also available to give a presentation about Muir or to lead a book discussion at each venue.
The Wisconsin's John Muir website also includes links to download Muir's book in free ebook and audiobook format from the Internet Archive, the John Muir Exhibit, and other resources, and links for historical newspaper articles about Muir in Wisconsin and his manuscripts at the Wisconsin Historical Society.

"The Most Important Camping Trip in U.S. History" - movie trailer. Watch trailer on YouTube. (2015)
Watch how MacGillivray Freeman Films will take moviegoers back in time to watch the camping trip that led to the creation of the U.S. National Parks.
MacGillivray Freeman IMAX Film (original working title was America Wild; now re-titled National Parks Adventure) will take moviegoers back in time to watch the camping trip that led to the rapid development of the National Parks. To bring this history to life, MacGillivray Freeman Films turned to actors Joe Wiegand and Lee Stetson. Wiegand is well known for his work as President Theodore Roosevelt, while Stetson has portrayed the character of John Muir in Yosemite National Park for more than 30 years, and was featured in the acclaimed Ken Burns series, The National Parks: America's Best Idea. Narrated by Academy Award® winner Robert Redford, "National Parks Adventure" takes audiences on the ultimate off-trail adventure into the nation's awe-inspiring great outdoors and untamed wilderness. Immersive IMAX® 3D cinematography takes viewers soaring over red rock canyons, up craggy mountain peaks and into other-worldly realms found within America's most legendary outdoor playgrounds. Join world-class mountaineer Conrad Anker, adventure photographer Max Lowe and artist Rachel Pohl as they hike, climb and explore their way across America's majestic parks – including Yellowstone, Glacier National Park, Yosemite, and Arches – in an action-packed celebration that will inspire the adventurer in us all, and highlight how important it is that we protect these treasured landscapes. Scheduled for release in theaters around the world, on February 12, 2016 in select IMAX®, IMAX 3D® and other giant-screen theatres.

Saturday, April 23, 2016 - John Muir Birthday–Earth Day Celebration - John Muir National Historic Site, Martinez, California
Celebrating John Muir's 178th birthday, the 46th Anniversary of Earth Day, and the 52nd Anniversary of the John Muir National Historic Site.

2016 Mountain Day Camp - Naturally Good Times and Mountains of Fun! A John Muir Immersion Experience.
Two one-week camps in 2016, held Monday through Friday 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. during these two different weeks:

  • July 18 through July 22
  • July 25 through July 29

John Muir Mountain Day Camp is a unique experience for children ages six to twelve that instills an appreciation for nature, and for the life and legacy of John Muir.

April-May, 2016 - Muir Is Back and Walking His Way! Join John Muir, portrayed by Lee Stetson, as he leisurely walks the John Muir Way in Scotland, and revisits his boyhood home in Dunbar!


2016 NPS Centennial Commemorative Gold Coin Announced!
The National Park Service and the United States Mint announced on November 17, 2015 three designs for commemorative coins honoring the 100th anniversary of the National Park Service (NPS). One of the three designs, the $5.00 gold coin obverse (heads side), features John Muir and Theodore Roosevelt with Yosemite National Park's Half Dome in the background. See the design and read about it here:

National Park Service 2016 Centennial $5 Dollar Commemorative Coin Features John Muir and Theodore Roosevelt

Photo Album of Ceremony Unveiling of NPS Centennial Commemorative Coin Designs (offsite link)


6th Annual John Muir Festival
John Muir Geoutourism Center
May 16, 2015

Coulterville, CA
Join the 6th Annual John Muir Festival and the 125th Anniversary of Yosemite National Park, when Coulterville celebrates John Muir's historic walk to Yosemite in 1868 & 1869 before Yosemite became a National Park. Family fun can be had at multiple venues within Main Street area of Coulterville, including John Muir Geotourism Center, Coulter Café, and. in Coulterville Park. Enjoy the historic Yosemite Tapestries exhibit, created by Miriam McNitt, commissioned by Yosemite National Park in 1967, and displayed in the Park for over 40 years. These tapestries depict the natural history of Yosemite as well as panoramic views of the Park's wonders.

The event is open from 10 AM to 4 PM, and admission is FREE. For more Information, please call the John Muir Geotourism Center at 209-878-3501.

The day's activities will include:

  • Live music in the park and on the Coulter Cafe Patio.
  • Meet the JMGC board members and volunteers, 10:00 AM on the Coulter Cafe patio for coffee, tea, coffee cake or danish rolls.
  • Fun filled family activities.
  • Vendors in the park with food and drink, local organic fruit, vegetables, jams, jellies, honey, jewels, and more!
  • Silent auction on the patio.
  • The Garden Club is giving tours of historic home gardens in and around Coulterville and Greeley Hill.
  • Self guided tour of Coulterville heritage roses.
  • Visit the native drought tolerant plant garden by our Master Gardeners.
  • Have a conversation with a John Muir reenactor.
  • Anniversary cake and ice cream will be served around 2:00 PM.
  • Take part in the out door environmental education program and games lead by experienced hikers, biologist and even a film maker!
  • Instructors from Nature Kids Institute.
  • Experience nature first hand, hike with a guide along Bean Creek, (AM or PM)


John Muir Birthday–Earth Day Celebration
Saturday, April 18th, 2015
John Muir National Historic Site
, Martinez, California.
A Centennial Celebration of John Muir's legacy
Celebrate John Muir's 177th birthday, the, 45th Anniversary of Earth Day, and the, 51st Anniversary of the John Muir National Historic Site.
Saturday, April 18, 2015
From 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Keynote Speaker Beth Pratt-Bergstrom, California Director - National Wildlife Federation/
John Muir Association will present our 37th annual John Muir Conservation Awards to the 2014 recipients



John Muir Festival
Dunbar, Scotland
Thursday, 17–Saturday, 26 April

The John Muir Festival will be one of the highlights of the Homecoming Scotland 2014 celebrations. It celebrates the opening of the John Muir Way, a new coast to coast national pathway from Muir’s birthplace in Dunbar to Helensburgh, and marks the centenary of John Muir’s death. The festival, funded by Scottish Natural Heritage, Event Scotland and Creative Scotland, is being organized by UZ Arts and will take place along the length of the new John Muir Way. It will include community participation events, artist-led events and large-scale public performances to celebrate the life and legacy of John Muir. There will be plenty of exciting events and activities in East Lothian, including celebrations at our venue, John Muir’s Birthplace.
For further details about the festival, see the Scottish Natural Heritage website: and look out for more information on

5th Annual John Muir Festival
John Muir Geoutourism Center
May 30th and 31, 2014

Lake McClure Horseshoe Bend Recreation Area...a place that JM journaled about!
The John Muir Geotourism Center celebrates the 5th annual John Muir Festival, taking place Friday and Saturday, May 30 and 31, in Mariposa County along the original route Muir followed on his first journey to Yosemite Valley. This year's event, themed "Nature Hikes Heal Body & Soul: Stories from John Muir 1868 to Warrior Hike 2014," will feature an exciting assortment of speakers and events designed to celebrate Muir's legacy and his influence today. The event begins Friday at 5 p.m. with Silent Auction and Celebration. Muir's great, great grandson, Robert Hanna, will share photos and family tidbits from the family's archives. As part of the evening event, the historic town of Coulterville will be offering additional films and activities that include an amazing silent auction, live music, great food and wine tasting. Saturday morning at 10 a.m. launches a day of exploring how hiking healed Muir and now heals combat veterans of recent wars and families with speakers and activities.

Nature’s Beloved Son: Rediscovering John Muir’s Botanical Legacy
John Muir’s Birthplace and Dunbar Town House Museum & Gallery

Saturday, 28 June 2014 to Tuesday, 30 September 2014
This exhibition celebrates the fascinating structures, patterns and anatomies of the plant world through the eyes and words of John Muir. High-resolution images of Muir’s very own plant specimens, drawings and journal notes are presented with both living and preserved real plant specimens. It includes hands-on activities for visitors and details of local John Muir Award projects. Spanning both venues, this is a unique opportunity to see Muir’s American botanical collection displayed for the first time in Dunbar, the town that inspired his later life.
The exhibition is delivered in partnership with the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh and is a travelling exhibition from Exhibit Envoy curated by Bonnie J. Gisel and photography by Stephen J. Joseph.

John Muir Symposium
March 21-22, 2014
Stockton, California

Join the University of the Pacific's John Muir Center on the 150th anniversary of the Yosemite Grant, the 100th anniversary of Muir’s death and the extinction of the Passenger Pigeon, and the 50th anniversary of the passage of the Wilderness Act to revisit John Muir’s life and legacy. University of the Pacific will host the 60th California History Institute on its Stockton campus from Friday, March 21, through Saturday, March 22, 2014. Expect to hear papers by new Muir scholars currently working Muir’s legacy, as well as several familiar names who have become regulars at Muir symposia. Plenary sessions and keynotes will be given by three scholars now living in the U. K.: Terry Gifford, Graham White and Andrea Wulf. A special exhibit on the history of the Muir Papers and their present locations is planned, as well as coordinated field trips before and after the symposium. See more on our 2014 symposium announcement page. To register, see the registration form and conference poster, or contact :

April 13, 2014 - "Urban chamber music" group "Chance" premieres John Muir - University of the Wilderness, a narrative concert for voice and string quartet. Subsequently there was a 10 performance run in the Mid-West, a 2015 tour to Scotland, and in 2016, 32 performances across 12 states, covering 26,000 miles in celebration of the centennial of the National Park Service. The group contemplates further world-wide peformances in the future.


June 7 & 8, 2013 - Fourth Annual John Muir Festival in Coulterville, California.

Friday, June 7, 2013 5:30pm THE TRAMP AND THE ROUGH RIDER- Historical Performance by Lee Stetson and Allen Sutterfield
Location: Granite Dell Gardens, at 10265 Granite Dell Road, on Highway 132, 8-miles SW from Coulterville, California

Saturday, June 8, 2013, 10am- 5pm - FOURTH ANNUAL JOHN MUIR FESTIVAL, Coulterville Park On Highway 132 & 49, Coulterville, CA. For more information, contact the John Muir Geotourism Center.


April, 2013

April 8, 2013 - Digitizing Two Homes of John Muir- A PROJECT has been launched to document in three-dimensional digital format Scottish conservationist John Muir's homes.

John Muir Day celebrated across Scotland in April, 2013. To mark the 175th anniversary of the birth in [Dunbar] East Lothian [Scotland] of the man credited with founding America’s national parks, the Year of Natural Scotland, which will celebrate the legacy of Muir – whose family moved from Dunbar, Scotland to the United States when he was just 11. A coast-to-coast John Muir Trail is also being developed over the next year to celebrate the naturalist and author, who is best known for securing protected status for the Yosemite Valley national park in the US. He was the founder and first president of the Sierra Club, the conservation group which was to be the forerunner of bodies like Friends of the Earth. By the time of his death, the US government had designated 230 million acres of land as protected national parks. A spokesman for Scottish Natural Heritage said John Muir was renowned as the founding father of “national parks” around the world and was being recognized because his work had “inspired people all over the world.” John Muir is considered as the founder of the modern conservation movement, widely credited with being the first person to call for effective actions to safeguard the world’s wilderness. Read more from The Scotsman...

Read Press Release John Muir Weekend April 2013 in Dunbar Scotland (PDF)

April 3 - June 3, 2013 - John Muir Exhibit at Federal Hall, NYC - As part of Scotland Tartan Week 2013,the American Scottish Foundation is hosting a photographic exhibition "In The Footsteps of John Muir" by renowned Scottish photographer Ken Paterson. The exhibit traces Muir's early days in Dunbar, Scotland to his love of Yosemite, allowing one to see the environment Muir loved and did so much to help preserve. The exhibit, part of Scotland Tartan Week 2013, the Year of Natural Scotland, also celebrates the 175th Anniversary of the birth of John Muir on April 21, and Earth Day on April 22. In honor of Earth Week (April 21-25), Federal Hall will be showing the documentary film "John Muir In The New World" - honoring too John Muir's birthday. Presented in conjunction with the National Park Service, the exhibit will be on display in the Lower Rotunda through June 3, 2013. Visit photographer Ken Paterson's website to view images from the exhibit and his "John Muir Photographic Expedition."



Saturday, June 9, 2012
Third Annual John Muir Festival - in Coulterville and Groveland, California

Sponsored by the John Muir Geotourism Center. You may also contact the Festival Coordinator,
Debbie Cook at 209.878.3227 or

Saturday, April 21, 2012 From 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. - John Muir Birthday- Earth Day
at John Muir national Historic Site, Martinez, California. Celebrate John Muir’s 174th birthday
and the 42nd Anniversary of Earth Day!


2013- 2014
The traveling exhibition, “Nature’s Beloved Son: Rediscovering John Muir’s Botanical Legacy” will be on exhibit at this location:

Riverside Metropolitan Museum

Riverside Metropolitan Museum
3580 Mission Inn Avenue
Riverside, CA 92501

Exhibit Open December 2, 2012 - January 19, 2014

“John Muir and the Personal Experience of Nature” exhibit at the Riverside Metropolitan Museum focuses on Muir's contributions as a scientist — mainly as a botanist — but also examines nature’s role in individuals’ lives and the history of the United States, reminding visitors that nature is everywhere.

The exhibition is comprised of the traveling exhibition, “Nature’s Beloved Son: Rediscovering John Muir’s Botanical Legacy” by Exhibit Envoy; objects and specimens from Riverside Metropolitan’s collection and Smithsonian’s National Herbarium; and images and resources from the Holt-Atherton Special Collections (University of the Pacific); the Local History collection of the Riverside Public Library; the UC Riverside Department of Biology; and California Museum of Photography.



August 6, 2011 - January 22, 2012

Oakland Museum of California presents an Interactive Exhibition Exploring John Muir's Legacy

"A Walk in the Wild" offers a fresh look at Muir’s life and work, including the Modern Day Muir's who keep his legacy alive today

The Oakland Museum of California (OMCA) presents A Walk in the Wild: Continuing John Muir's Journey, on view August 6, 2011, through January 22, 2012, in the Museum's Great Hall. John Muir's experience in the Golden State led to his becoming a founding figure of the environmentalist movement. In this provocative new exhibition, OMCA celebrates the legendary naturalist's life, work, and legacy in California and beyond. Told through OMCA's collections of art, history, and natural science, as well as interactive digital technology and extensive loans - Muir's journals, manuscripts, original drawings and plant collections - the exhibition pays tribute to the "Father of the National Parks," whose legacy continues to inspire environmental stewardship in California today.

See more in Museums Featuring John Muir.

Press Release | Available Images


July, 2011 - PBS documentary John Muir in the New World Now available on DVD


April 18, 2011 - National Television Premiere: John Muir in the New World

Debuting April 2011: John Muir in the New World - New film on PBS American Masters TV series :

Watch the full episode. See more American Masters.


March - Publication of My First Summer in the Sierra: 100th Anniversary Illustrated Edition of the American Classic by John Muir with Photographs
by Scot Miller, Foreword by Dayton Duncan and Ken Burns. Timed to coincide with the 100th anniversary of the book's original publication, "My First Summer in the Sierra" is illustrated with Scot Miller's stunning photographs, showcasing the dramatic landscape of the High Sierra plus John Muir's illustrations from the original edition and several previously unpublished illustrations from his 1911 manuscript. A video Book Trailer on YouTube is available.

January 9 - March 27 - “Nature’s Beloved Son: Rediscovering John Muir’s Botanical Legacy” traveling exhibition begins its first location at Bedford Gallery in Walnut Creek. The exhibition of 23 enormous photo re-creations of Muir's botanical collections as represented in Bonnie Gisel and Stephen Joseph's book Nature's Beloved Son will then travel to museums and galleries around the country, and, next year, in Muir’s birthplace in Dunbar, Scotland. For more about this event:

Preview online:


August 29 - Book signing in Montello, Wisconsin, of a Limited Edition reprint of Heart of John Muir's World by Millie Stanley. This book has been out of print for years.

June 19 - Montello Historic Preservation Society exhibit "Muir is Still Here" opens to celebrate John Muir's boyhood ties to Marquette County, Wisconsin. A series of special events were held along with the exhibit over the course of the year celebrating "The Year of John Muir" in Marquette County, including guest speakers, book signings, field trips, hikes, and a special book, Muir is Still Here, by Daryl Christensen and Kathleen McGwin.

June 5, 2010 - Both Mariposa and Tuolumne counties have designated Highway 132 from Coulterville to Highway 120, a major route into Yosemite National Park, as the John Muir Highway. A dedication ceremony will be held on Saturday, June 5, 2010 in Coulterville - For more information, see: Yosemite Highway Dedicated to John Muir - Press Release by Yosemite/Mariposa County Tourism Bureau

April 2-24, 2010 - John Muir: Naturalist and Scientist Symposium - The John Muir Center of the University of the Pacific in Stockton, California, hosts a regular California History Institute symposium devoted to John Muir's achievements. The April 2010 Symposium is entitled; John Muir: Naturalist & Scientist, and will be held April 22-24, 2010. Symposium events are free and open to Pacific students, faculty and staff.
Thursday, April 22, 2010: The symposium kicks off with a day-long field trip to the John Muir National Historic Site in Martinez, Muir's residence during his last years in California.
Friday, April 23, 2010: Academic papers on Muir's contributions in science and natural history will be read in Grace Covell Hall on the University of the Pacific Stockton campus. A luncheon and dinner with keynote speakers are also planned.
Saturday, April 24, 2010: Papers on Muir's promotion of mountaineering and outdoor recreation will be read, and the symposium will conclude with a luncheon and a keynote speaker. More details will be forthcoming, and registration will start in February, 2010.
For more information please contact the Director of the John Muir Center, W. R. (Bill) Swagerty.

April 21, 2010 - Celebrating John Muir’s 172nd Birthday, Sierra Club unveils revamped John Muir Exhibit website. See Press Release - Celebrating Environmental Pioneer John Muir’s 172nd Birthday Sierra Club Unveils Revamped Muir Historical Website (See also local file: Press Release on John Muir Exhibit

April 9, 2010 - The Scottish Government and Sierra Club held a special tree planting ceremony for A Celebration of the Treasured Life and Legacy of
John Muir- Honored Son of Scotland and Sierra Club Founder
at the Dr. Edgar and Peggy Wayburn Redwood Grove, The Presidio, San Francisco, followed by a special presentation on John Muir’s Legacy in a Climate-Challenged World with featured speakers Carl Pope, Chairman of the Sierra Club, and Michael Russell, Scotland's Minister for Education and Lifelong Learning and former minister for the environment. See John Muir's Legacy Lives On - by The Scottish Government, News Release, April 9, 2010. Michael Russell is quoted about Muir's inspiration to combat climate change today, and the Sierra Club stated: "The Sierra Club is honored to share John Muir's legacy with the John Muir Trust and the Scottish Government. Together, we can face the greatest global challenge of our generation. Together, we can bend the arc of history and beat climate change." - Carl Pope (April 9, 2010).

April 5, 2010, Scotland's Minister for Education and Lifelong Learning and former minister for the environment, Michael Russell, in an editorial, Prizing the Power of the Sea said, "Muir was never deterred by those naysayers who thought his idealism misplaced. He won many battles, and some he lost. But he built movements for change that inspired millions, forced political leaders to join his cause and changed not only hearts, but minds. Muir was always more than an idealistic naturalist; he was a persuasive advocate, as adept as any politician at winning public support. Muir would have been excited by the prospect that the natural resources around us may actually be the key to solving the climate crisis. The potential of wind, solar and wave energy to produce renewable, clean sources of power and reduce our dependency on methods that damage our environmental future should be at the top of our list of solutions. Read more....


October 17, 2009 - A Sierra Club Radio interview of Bonnie Gisel, John Muir author and scholar, and curator of the Sierra Club LeConte Memorial Lodge, airs on Saturday October 17, 2009. If you're in the Bay Area, you'll hear it on 960 AM (the Air America affiliate) at 3pm on Saturday. Anywhere else in the world, you can listen online anytime after 3:00 PM Pacific Daylight time on Saturday at: .

September 27, 2009 - Ken Burns six-part series, "The National Parks: America' Best Idea" premieres on PBS television, along with a companion book.

September, 2009 - John Muir - A Great Scot - Nomination of John Muir for Scotland TV contest for "Greatest Scot." - from Friends of John Muir's Birthplace (with comments by John Muir Exhibit webmaster)

July 30, 2009 - US Muir coin designer in Dunbar
AN AMERICAN [Garrett Burke] who designed a 25 cent coin in memory of Dunbar-born conservationist John Muir has said that East Lothian "looks a million dollars". (offsite link - East Lothian Courier, July 30, 2009) Note: this article incorrectly states that Burke helped create the sand sculpture above, but everyone involves affirms the sand sculpture was solely the creation of Jo Moulin and Duncan Smeed.
See also a photo of a sand-sculpture of his quarter dollar design on the East Beach at Dunbar, as part of the John Muir Birthplace annual sand castle modelling competition.

See also:


April 22, 2009 - John Muir to be Inducted in the Extra Mile Volunteer Pathway

The Extra Mile — Points of Light Volunteer Pathway is a new national monument dedicated to the spirit of volunteering in  America. Honoring heroes of our Nation’s volunteer movements, the Extra Mile is formed by a series of bronze medallions  creating a one-mile walking path in the heart of downtown Washington, DC. <>

John Muir, along with Rachel Carson and several other notable volunteers of American history were inducted into the Extra Mile Volunteer Pathway at a luncheon Induction Ceremony at the Grand Hyatt Hotel on April 22, 2009. The Induction Ceremony is in recognition of National Volunteer Week, and will feature five 2009 honorees, unveil the medallions on stage and re-introduce the mile with a new relevancy as a living monument. From founders of major service organizations to leaders of the civil rights and  suffrage movements, the 24 honorees to date selflessly championed causes to help  others realize a better America. Their legacies are enduring social movements that  continue to engage and inspire us today. 

Event Experience: 120 guests will witness the official unveiling of the five new 2009 Extra Mile Inductee medallions, museum-mounted and dramatically lit on stage, before they are installed in their permanent places along the Extra Mile Pathway.

- Thea E. Becton
On behalf of Points of Light Institute


2009 - The John Muir Odyssey - East Lothian 2009

One of the flagship events of Homecoming Scotland 2009, the John Muir Odyssey, will follow in the footsteps of John Muir, celebrating the life and legacy of this great Scot, regarded as "the Father of modern day conservation." From his birthplace in East Lothian, with an exciting itinerary, by land and sea, the Odyssey promises dramatic scenery, spectacular coastline and the amazing wildlife that inspired John Muir. With a programme including: the John Muir Celebrity Lecture, "Muir’s World by Land and Sea", "Our Wee Planet", a festival featuring art, music, film, walks, talks and boat trips, this event promises to be one of the highlights of Scotland’s National celebration for Scots 'coming home' in 2009. Set in the heart of John Muir country, in Dunbar and North Berwick, visitors will have the opportunity to experience at first hand what inspired John Muir’s passion for wild places, a legacy that continues across the world today. Visitors will be able to walk on the beaches and in the countryside he loved, visit his home and find out about the influences, as a boy, that would endure throughout his life. Look out for the John Muir Homecoming booklet JOHN MUIR: a Scotchman Comes Home on sale at John Muir’s Birthplace. Intended publication date 21 April 2009 - John Muir's Birthday.

See Programme Schedule for more information (off-site link).


April 6, 2008 - Harold Wood, the Chair of the Sierra Club John Muir Education Committee, was a featured guest on's ‘Champagne Sundays’ Online Radio Show. This show was a special Eco & Environment show that aired live on April 6th, 2008. Click here to listen to the audio of the show (Shockwave Flash). Features information about the Sierra Club John Muir Education Committee.

February 7, 2008 - Couple retrace John Muir's walk from San Francisco to Yosemite for third year in a row.
Peter and Donna Thomas are writing a guidebook that retraces the route famed naturalist John Muir took in the spring of 1868. Read story from Union Democrat.

July 18, 2007 - Announcement of "John Muir in the New World" Proposed 2-hour Film Documentary.
International Cultural Programming in partnership with GreatFull Productions of Seattle are producing a two-hour biographical documentary of the extraordinary life and influence of this man in American history. The project recently received a National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) scripting grant of $80,000. The proposed film is to be produced by Global Village Media, GreatFull Productions and NewStory Ventures of Seattle. Director: Catherine Tatge.
See producer's press release (July 18, 2007).

June 27, 2007 - The Holt-Atherton Special Collections department of the University of the Pacific Library, with the approval of the Muir-Hanna Trust, has begun a multi-phased digitization project to provide online access to portions of the John Muir Papers. You can view all of the photos of Muir that we have at Pacific through our digital collections site The Library is also scanning all of the Muir journals at Pacific and hope to have them online this fall. Later phases of the Muir digitization project will involve correspondence and drawings.

Recent Past Events

September 30, 2006 - "A Tribute to John Muir,' held at the Historic Cobb Ranch, Fresno, California. Celebrating the opening of a new cornfield maze cut into the shape of the California Quarter.

September, 2006 - National Park Service establishes new Museum Collections at John Muir National Historic Site website with numerous photos, slide shows, etc.

August 26, 2006 - Ranch Days at John Muir National Historic Site & John Muir Association Annual Awards Dinner.

Spring, 2006 - Re-Walking John Muir's 1868 Trip to Yosemite - Walkers: Peter and Donna Thomas (posted 12/5/05)

April 22, 2006 - John Muir Birthday - Earth Day Celebration at John Muir National Historic Site

March 31 - April 1, 2006 - 2006 John Muir Conference - University of the Pacific's John Muir Center hosted a conference at the Stockton campus of University of the Pacific on March 31-April 1, 2006. The focus of the 2006 California History Institute was"John Muir in Global Perspective."

October 16, 2005 - The latest collection of presentations in University of the Pacific's ongoing John Muir Conferences was released. Collected presentations from the 2001 conference will be published in John Muir: Family Friends, and Adventures, Edited by Sally M. Miller and Daryl Morrison, Introduction by Bonnie Johanna Gisel (2005).

October 14, 2005 - The Extra Mile — Points of Light Volunteer Pathway, in Washington, D.C., was dedicated at 10:00 a.m., Friday, October 14, 2005. John Muir is among the honorees who will be recognized in an individual ceremony at a later date, after the first 20 honorees are recognized at the October 14 dedication.

August 3- 7, 2005 - The John Muir's Mountain Days musical was performed again this summer: Aug. 3-7, 2005 outdoors again at the Muir Amphitheater in Martinez, California.   The Amphitheater has new windscreens, fencing, box office, concessions building, picnic tables and a great show.  
For more information:

April 17 - 2005 - Unpublished Letters of John Muir Go Online
More than 100 pages of original letters by John Muir, America's most celebrated environmentalist, went online this week on the Wisconsin Historical Society's Web site. The 30 letters — believed to be the first important collection of original Muir manuscripts to be made available on the Web — were written between 1861 and 1914 to several friends from his childhood and youth in Wisconsin. "Because they're intimate personal letters spanning his entire adult life," says Society librarian Michael Edmonds, "they document all the major turning points in his career." Although typed transcripts of some of the letters have been quoted by scholars, all but six are published in their entirety for the first time on the Society's Turning Points in Wisconsin History Web site. They can be found in the online collection along with other letters and manuscripts relating to Muir, including his brother David's description of their childhood.

April - May 2005 - Clan Currie Society to Celebrate "The Life and Legacy of John Muir" on Ellis Island
Annual Tartan Day Celebration to Focus on the Scots-Born "Father of the American National Parks"

View: Image of Announcement Poster

April 23, 2005 - Earth Day/ John Muir Birthday Celebration at John Muir National Historic Site

January 16, 2005 through April 24, 2005 - John Muir and Joseph LeConte's great-grandsons honor Sierra Club and conservation movement origins at Keith Gallery, St. Mary's College, Moraga, California

January 31, 2005 - U.S. Mint and Governor Launch California Quarter in Sacramento

John Muir Yosemite California State Quarter Final Proof

"John Muir has been a role model to generations of Californians and to conservationists around the world. He taught us to be active and to enjoy -- but at the same time protect -- our parks, our beaches, and our mountains."

- Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, as he announced selection of the John Muir-Yosemite Design for the California State Quarter (March 29, 2004)

The new California State Quarter featuring John Muir was released on January 31, 2005.

July 2, 2004:

Photos of Indiana Historical Marker Celebration - John Muir in Indianapolis

John Muir in Indiana Historical Marker Dedication (press release)

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