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Grade 6
John Muir - Around the World in 76 Years

Unit Concept:

John Muir traveled around the world to compare and contrast natural phenomena and to speak out about preserving ecosystems. (See Places Important to John Muir .)


Create timelines of John Muir's life while playing a game based on John Muir's travels.


  1. Copy one John Muir Day Game [ downloads Adobe Acrobat file ] board (on heavy card stock, if possible) for every two or three students. Copy one set of John Muir Geography Cards for each student. You may also wish to provide the Study Guide World Image Map or display a standard world map. Put one penny and two or three small pebbles in a ziplock bag for each group.

  2. Have scissors, construction paper, adding machine tape and gluesticks available.


  1. Create a class list of ideas about where in the world students think John Muir traveled and the different kinds of natural phenomena they think he saw, such as landforms, plant life, and wildlife. Add to the list as students' learning continues.

  2. Distribute the Geography Cards for students to cut out.

  3. Students play in groups of two or three. Students in each group shuffle their Geography Cards with the other players' cards to make one large stack on their board.

  4. Spin or flip the penny to see who goes first (call heads or tails), then spin or flip to move (heads=1, tails=2). Follow the directions on each space.

  5. Add to the class list of where Muir's travels led him. Glue Geography Cards in sequence on construction paper or adding machine tape to create a timeline.


  1. Contact local conservation resource persons in your area to visit your class as speakers and career models. Do a class project by joining in an existing effort, such as restoring a stream, raising salmon, or protecting a park.

Download this complete unit in Adobe Acrobat (pdf) format (file size = 341,417 bytes).

The entire Study Guide is also available in PDF format.

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