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  April 2002 Features:
Antibiotic Overload
Montiel, Wiwa Highlight Human Rights Abuses
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What's Your Tip For Living Lightly on the Planet?

"I've found that the best way to live lightly is to bicycle everywhere possible, but especially to work. I ride for a fraction of the cost of public transportation and a miniscule portion of what I'd pay to drive. Cycling is faster and you always get a seat! My stress level evaporates, I'm perfectly fit, happy every day and can bird watch on my way to and from work as I ride along Lake Michigan."
- Christine Williamson,
Conservation Chair, Illinois Chapter

"I carry a stylish hemp backpack everywhere I go, with used grocery bags, small and medium hemp bags and a couple of small Tupperware containers tucked inside. The smaller bags are for wet veggies at the grocery store (instead of plastic bags - just toss them in the washer periodically); the Tupperware is for restaurant leftovers; and the grocery bags - that one's obvious, right?"
- Denise K. Flanagan,
Member, Angeles Chapter

"Volunteer to replant trees, work on and clean up trails and take kids for walks in the forest with a litter bag at least once a month. A positive role model is stronger than words or recriminations."
- Glenda Akins, Conservation Chair
Big Bear Group, San Gorgonio Chapter

"I vote with my dollar, three times a day, by purchasing food products that sustain the planet: foods grown organically, plant-based and when possible, locally grown. I don't contribute to the inhumane treatment of animals raised in factories or of the farm workers who are exposed to toxic chemicals. Nor do I contribute to the exploitation of the planet by supporting a chemically dependent, corporate-controlled agricultural system. Respect for the earth and living creatures is of the utmost concern to me."
- Laurel Hopwood, Member, Ohio Chapter

Want to contribute?

Send us your answers to the following questions for upcoming issues: What was your first action as an activist? How do you avoid burnout? To share good advice or stories, send them to

Deadline: May 15

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