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  July/August 2002 Features:
Fewer Seat Warmers, More Miles Per Gallon
Students Re-Engineer Ford Explorer to Burn Less Gas
Gulf Sturgeon Wins Protection
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The Planet
How do you Avoid Burnout?

"All my life - I'm 86 now - I've been an expediter, or you might say a 'Martha type,' as in the Biblical story. As such, I've had the privilege of knowing and helping secondary stars in the environmental and human rights movements. Being listed in the acknowledgments is reward enough. The fact that I'm still taking minutes and helping to maintain mailing lists and get bulk mail to the post office proves that this is one path to inner satisfaction rather than burnout."
-Evelyn Whelden Bradshaw, Secretary
Battlefields Group, Virginia Chapter

"Do for the Club what you enjoy. Rome was not built in a day, so save energy for the long haul."
-Clayton Brant
Newsletter Editor, Nebraska Chapter

"I have a vision of what we are here for and how we can get there. I preach my vision to my peers who sigh that the glass is half full. I believe that personal and social transformation can turn the Titanic. This change is already in process, says demographer Paul Ray in Cultural Creatives ( All our movements are merging together into a great river of change - from greenies to self-actualization, minority rights, organized labor, peace and justice and health and healing."
-Nan Hildreth, Co-Chair, Population/Sustainability
Houston Group, Lone Star Chapter

"(1) Knowing how the natural world works removes the possibility of dismissing natural systems as irrelevant when in fact they are essential to everything. (2) Realizing that one's energy is not infinite and husbanding it so that you can be persistently active. I follow Ed Abbey's admonition to be a 'reluctant activist' and to enjoy what I am trying to protect. (3) Viewing the Club as a tool to an infinitely more important end - the protection of nature. Only by seeing the big picture can one immerse oneself in societies and bureaucracies and not lose perspective. (4) Realizing that both defeats and victories are not final and that nature always has the last laugh."
-Kirk Cunningham, Conservation Chair, Rocky Mountain Chapter

Want to contribute? Send us your answers to the following questions: Who is your hero or role model in the environ-mental movement? How do you celebrate victories? To share good advice or stories, send them to "Natural Resources," The Planet, Sierra Club, 85 Second St., Second Floor, San Francisco, CA, 94105 or Deadline: August 15

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