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America Votes

The Sierra Club announced in July that it is joining forces with several of America's other prominent grassroots groups to register, educate, and mobilize the public for the 2004 elections. The groups are linking arms under the banner of America Votes, a non-partisan political organization that will capitalize on the groups' strong strategic abilities and large membership bases to reach out to voters on issues that they care about and encourage greater voter participation.

Auto Technology Shifts into Reverse

Fresh off the assembly line in Detroit, the Hummer 2 is the SUV that begs the question: miles-per-gallon or gallons-per-mile? To parody these gas-guzzling behemoths, and educate consumers about the damage they cause to the environment, the Club launched in late July.

The site immediately attracted attention from newspapers around the country, and drew so many Web-surfers, it crashed the Club's site for the first time ever. Humor, it seems, may be the most energy- efficient way to get a point across.

House Rejects Proposed EPA Enforcement Cuts

On July 15, the day after the Bush administration touted the EPA's enforcement record, its proposed cuts to the agency's enforcement budget-which would have cut 54 more enforcement positions-moved forward in the House. But the House voted instead to support Rep. Jay Inslee's amendment restoring enforcement funding to last year's levels. "Strong enforcement of environmental laws is the reason our air and water are cleaner than they were 30 years ago," says Nat Mund of Sierra Club's Environmental Quality team.

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