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The Planet

If You Build It, They Will Flock

The Winemaker's MarshCalifornia's wine country is prized for its ability to produce award-winning grapes, but what about its ability to nurture arctic ducks, black-necked stilts and dowitchers? In "Winemaker's Marsh," Kenneth Brower's new book, the author chronicles four seasons on a newly restored 90-acre wetland in the wine country. On a single day, a record-breaking 10,000 waterfowl were observed. Photographer Michael Sewell documents great horned owls nesting, a badger on the prowl, coots stampeding and many other images of life in the restored wetland.

Forest Bill Hits New High

The National Forest Protection and Restoration Act, a bill to end commercial logging on federal lands, now has 104 congressional co-sponsors - more than any other piece of major forest-protection legislation. H.R. 1494 would end the money-losing Forest Service timber sales program and redirect funds saved into restoration, assistance for rural communities and support for tree-free alternatives. It would also save taxpayers $300 million per year. Find out if your representative is a co-sponsor at If not, urge him or her to sign on. Also visit

Arctic Drilling Stymied - For Now

On Oct. 2, the Senate voted unanimously to exclude controversial energy amendments, like oil drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge and subsidies for polluting industries, from the Defense Authorization Bill. The Sierra Club lauded the vote and spoke out against exploiting the events of Sept. 11 by rushing through complex, long-term energy legislation. But Sens. Frank Murkowski (R-Alaska), Larry Craig (R-Idaho) and James Inhofe (R-Okla.) have pledged to keep trying to attach these amendments to other bills. For the latest, check the Club Web page at, or for twice-weekly e-mail updates. Subscribe to Sierra Club Currents.

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