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The Club Delivers

Jennifer Ferenstein, Sierra Club PresidentWith more than 100 mailbags stuffed with half a million letters and postcards in tow, Club President Jennifer Ferenstein, right, and representatives from 30 other environmental organizations showed up at the federal building in Salt Lake City on Sept. 10 to deliver comments on the Roadless Area Conservation Rule. The comments all asked the Bush administration not to weaken the rule, which would protect 58.5 million acres of national forest land. "The American public has spoken loudly. But we need to yell louder to get the message across that these areas are vitally worth protection," said Ferenstein.

Web Surfers Driven to Act

The Sierra Club is getting lots of mileage out of its relatively new on-line feature, "I Want My MPG," which guides viewers through a short calculation to see how much money they'd save on gas if fuel standards were stricter. Letters to the editor, printed from a sample on the Web site, have appeared in newspapers from Bangor, Maine, to San Jose, Calif. Now activists can download and print a bumpersticker from the site, or order one on-line. Check it out at www.sierraclub.org/mpg.

Back By Popular Demand

Three years ago, when the Club's Global Warming Program offered its "Earthrise" postcards - which called for curbing global warming by increasing miles-per-gallon standards for cars and trucks - it was deluged with requests and ran out of all 15,000 cards in a few weeks. Ditto for the second printing. Now comes the third printing, and the global warming team needs your help to distribute them to your friends and family - so they can send them to their senators. (One Club staff member included one with all of her holdiay cards.) Order a packet of 10, 25 or more postcards by contacting alex.veitch@sierraclub.org or see the Global Warming pages to find out more.

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